Birds in winter

Hi everyone,

I read that about 70% of the nation is under snow right now. Can that be? If that isn’t a record, it’s a heck of an average. Yesterday when I went out to fill the bird feeders I swept twelve inches of snow off a patio table and tore three stale hot dog buns into pieces scattered across its surface. I expected to see crows show up and they didn’t keep me waiting long.

Three crows soon came to the table and I had a great bird’s eye view through my kitchen window. It didn’t take them long to eat all three buns except for a few pieces that fell under the table. The birds puzzled over those lost pieces for quite a while. When they landed in the snow to get to them, it was too deep to walk in. They gazed hungrily at the bits but never managed to reach them. A couple of finches flew straight in between the chair legs and feasted on those tantalizing tidbits that the crows couldn’t reach. None of this took long.