An evening on Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

It’s nice to go places. We liked our trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, met lots of people, enjoyed new experiences . . .

But Goose Lake always welcomes us home. Yesterday we spent an hour in the pool surrounded by thirty potted plants in bloom — geraniums, hibiscus, petunias, coleus, roses — then carried dinner to our favorite table beside the lake. While we ate, a muskrat swam by as dusk settled. A swan moved slowly past us, white feathers against darkening water creating a majestic video, then flapped its enormous wings and soared off to an undisclosed location.

Just before dark a noisy squabble broke out on the far bank when a number of geese voiced hysterical disapproval of some calamity among their ranks. Five crows perched in the hackberry above our heads and held a short meeting before heading across the lake, perhaps to investigate. Two late season fireflies that hadn’t checked the calendar wandered around among the trees in search of one last chance for love.

We pointed out to each other the moon that had sneaked up while we weren’t paying attention and now peeked down through the trees. As it grew later, residents of Goose Lake settled down for the night. The late evening stillness mirrored our own tranquility. It was one of those nights you don’t want to end.

There and back

Hi everyone,

Last week we flew to Cabo San Lucas and stayed at Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas, a lovely place that is in the first phase of a multi-phase development. It will include a Greg Norman golf course (Tiger Wood is putting in one nearby) and many pools, restaurants, and other conveniences and amenities. It was a good experience made even better by a great staff, excellent service, and yummy food. The beach was enormous and began at our patio. We spent hours sitting in chairs watching the waves pound the shore as the wind turned palm trees into birds in flight. The sunsets were gorgeous. So now it’s back to work. It’s always nice to go somewhere special but even better to come back home to our own pillows and Goose Lake. For the first time that I can remember I elected to leave my computer at home. I took a writing pad but the only time I worked was on the planes going down and coming back. I truly took a week off. Now I’m refreshed and eager to get to work.