Other guests at the party

    Hi everyone,

    Last night we ate out by the lake. The air was cool so we took advantage of the fire pit. As we enjoyed our meal, we noticed that several small insects were attracted by the flames, mostly little moths that flew around the fire or landed nearby, including on us. When we finished and I stood to turn off the fire pit for the evening, I discovered this mantis perched on the adjoining table two feet from the flames. I don’t know if it was attracted by the fire or by the opportunity to grab a free snack. One never knows who is sharing the feast around Goose Lake.

Time for a change

Hi everyone,

I have three days remaining in my traditional work schedule of 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. After this Friday, it will be 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Afternoons will be reserved to be with Sandy, unless she has something else to do. Then, of course, I’ll sneak write. Since I sold the block company in 2008, I’ve had a wonderful, selfish routine meant to satisfy my lifelong need to write full time. It has been a great ten years.

I’m not complaining. Anyone with a writing schedule of seven hours per day has no right to whine. How we’ll spend afternoons will be an adventure, but it will be a good one.

I mentioned recently that I intend to cut back on my blogs as part of my new schedule. We’ll see how that works out. This blog has been a habit since 2009 so it may be harder than expected to trim back to once or twice week.

I love each day as a writer, friend, and lover. I’m lucky and I know it.

Happy anniversary to us

Hi everyone,

I would tell you how many years we’ve now been married but my M.O.W. would beat me up again. Suffice it to say we met in high school and got married when she was still in college.

We’re beginning to get the hang of this relationship. We have one card that says, “I accept your apology,” which on occasion gets handed to the offended party.

I remember one night when she was upset and took her pillow to the living room, I took my pillow to the living room too. I figured if we were going to be mad, we might as well be mad in the same room. Everything worked out just fine.

What does one get for a mate at this point? We have plenty of stuff. What we love is time shared. I made reservations at a nice restaurant for this evening, early enough that we can take in a movie. That’s a rare treat these days. And I can easily imagine a late night toast on the patio beside Goose Lake. Whatever else it is by day, it’s a romantic spot by night.

Happy anniversary, Sandy. Thank you for saying yes. I love you.