Of pain and torture

Hi everyone,

In case you think goo foffing is all fun and games, take a look at the all-new exercise room where we spend time every other week day. We don’t stay long, only thirty minutes or so. Sandy does mostly a cycle machine to build leg strength. I spend half my time on a tread mill and the other half going from machine to machine, doing ten to twenty grunts and groans on each.

We reserve this form of torture for afternoons after 1:00 when I quit writing for the day. Sometimes we eat a light lunch first. After our workout we run errands and do chores. Yesterday we cleaned out the freezer. There were some interesting oddments in there. The weather is warmer this week so we look forward to walks on the beach.

Yesterday an editor I love responded positively to a query about a new idea I had on the planes back from Hilton Head. This week I’m into the “Mary Jo” book but when I get to a point where I can spare some time I’ll dig into the new idea.

Other guests at the party

    Hi everyone,

    Last night we ate out by the lake. The air was cool so we took advantage of the fire pit. As we enjoyed our meal, we noticed that several small insects were attracted by the flames, mostly little moths that flew around the fire or landed nearby, including on us. When we finished and I stood to turn off the fire pit for the evening, I discovered this mantis perched on the adjoining table two feet from the flames. I don’t know if it was attracted by the fire or by the opportunity to grab a free snack. One never knows who is sharing the feast around Goose Lake.