For now, it’s the weekend

Hi everyone,

I thank you from my heart for your lovely and loving comments, recommendations, and wishes on Friday as well as the positive feedback yesterday about my Word of the Month poem contribution. The last two days have been a tonic and I’ve loved every minute.

This morning Sandy is watching Sunday Morning and I’m on the computer for a while. A lazy day stretches ahead. Later, Robin, Tim, and Kris will come over. The guys will help me move a large hibiscus plant from the kitchen back outside to it summer position beside the pool. We’ll do burgers on the grill. The pool? Why not.( I’m showing this picture like I’ll be dong the grilling, but rest assured they will be in Tim’s domain.)

Tomorrow will come when it comes. But for now, it’s the weekend and I’m relaxing. See everyone?

Skinny dipping with my wife

Hi everyone,

I’m winding down a good week of better than expected progress on “the” project. To celebrate I invited my sweetie to go skinny dipping last night. She said it sounded like fun. I beat her into the water. Do you suppose she chose to dispose of her clothes? That secret a gent would never disclose!