I WANT AN APPLE named on science list

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted that my most recent picture book, I WANT AN APPLE, HOW MY BODY WORKS, was named by American Scientist STEM Books for Young Readers. It’s a pleasure to see this one recognized for its original purpose — to show young readers how their body works when they perform a routine task such as going after an apple, picking it up, eating it, and digesting it. I’m very happy.


My editor likes apples

Hi everyone,

My editor at Holiday House is Grace Maccarone. Together we’ve worked on A PERFECT HOME FOR A FAMILY, AND THE BULLFROGS SING, RUM PUM PUM, THE DIRT BOOK, and I WANT AN APPLE. Here she is at an office Halloween party, proving that she likes apples. Thank you, Grace, for helping me get this all just right. Thanks again to David Catrow for the fanciful art that brings the text of I WANT AN APPLE to such glorious life.

The book is shipping now. I had a delightful book talk on Saturday with Rona Brinlee at The BookMark book store in Neptune, Florida and look forward to giving others over the coming weeks.

Birth date for I WANT AN APPLE

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to see my new title with Holiday House, I WANT AN APPLE, HOW MY BODY WORKS, officially become available today. My thanks to artist David Catrow for a stellar job illustrating the book and to my editor, Grace Maccarone, for guiding me through the 5-year process.

I have high hopes that this one will catch on for the young set that wants to know more about how the body works. Thanks for passing the news along. And of course reviews are always appreciated!


Hi everyone,

Four days from now I WANT AN APPLE will make its debut. Kirkus likes it and today we got a great review from School Library Journal. Here’s an excerpt.

“This is not a book about the science of eating; it is about the poetry of bodily functions. The lyrical text is short; the snappy pace will engage children as they devour Catrow’s detailed, hand-drawn artwork.”

If you know any little kids who want an apple, too, this book might be for them.