When Harrison meets Harrison at Harrison

Hi everyone,

When I went to visit The Living Museum on Monday at David Harrison Elementary School, here is one of the students who read about me, wrote a script, memorized it, and performed it flawlessly when I touched the “activation” sticker on his hand. His name is Brendin. His hair was brushed and he wore a nice dress shirt and tie. I was impressed! I don’t have pictures of the other two students who chose me so I’m sorry not to introduce them too. For now, though, and with thanks to his teacher Scotty Kujath, here is Brendin!
Living Museum 023

I guess I’ll go as me

Hi everyone,

I received this note from Roxie McQuarry, 4th grade teacher at David Harrison Elementary School: “One of my students has chosen you as his Famous Missourian (for the school’s Living Museum Event at 9:00 this morning). He will dress up as you and give a speech as if he is you. It’s a neat presentation.”

Rounding to the nearest nanosecond, how long do you think it took me to accept Roxie’s invitation? And now I understand that Julee Curry’s class may have a David Harrison in it, too. I’m on my way! I’ll let you know later how it went. But I’m already smiling!

P.S. I don’t know what to wear.

Hooray for David Harrison Elementary School!

Hi everyone,

The operation was fine. Got there on time and was in the operating room by 7:30, the first patient of the day. The gallbladder was inflamed and difficult to get out, but out it came. Dr. Larson also discovered and repaired a hernia hiding in there somewhere so I might feel that, too, for a few days. Home by noon, chowed down on yogurt, and tried not to get up and down much for the rest of the afternoon.

Then to add pure joy to my day, two teachers from David Harrison Elementary School, plus a daughter of one came by as promised to deliver get well cards made by students. And a card signed by teachers and staff. AND two bowls of exquisite chicken noodle soup!!! So my utmost gratitude to Roxie McQuarry and Julie Curry for all that work and generosity — and to Harrison graduate Nora Curry who came along to add further to my delight. (I was asked to tell you that Julie’s hair style was arranged by recess duty.)

I don’t wish to brag, but what would you say if you were I? My point exactly!

My thanks and love to every one of those Harrison Huskies. RUFF RUFF!

School with students

It pays to keep birthday cards

Hi everyone,

While I was gathering old posters to take to the basement, I discovered a wonderful birthday present I received from the students, staff, and faculty at “my” school in 2010. Think I’m going to part with it? Ha!
Each class created a page in this poster-size book of wishes. It’s hard to think that Mrs. Fast’s and Mrs. Blankenship’s ECSE students are big kids now. I love their names and small handprints on the first two pages. What warm memories this gift brought back as I sat surrounded with litter all over the office, trying to sort and decide. The concluding poem (by an anonymous poet) reminded me of the diversity at Harrison and throughout our community. Here it is.

You’re getting another year older, it’s true,
But you don’t have to worry; please don’t be blue
We’ve written this card with our very own hands,
Hoping you smile when you get to the end.
At the card’s very bottom, you will find a small clue
To help figure out who wrote which parts for you.
From Mexico, China, Korea, Vietnam,
The Philippines, Laos, and Kyrgyzstan,
Romania, Russia and the Ukraine,
We send out best wishes again and again.
Is that cool? A good many of the kids from 2010 have graduated from 5th grade and moved on to their next school, and some of the teachers are no longer there, but this freezes them in place for me to enjoy whenever I rediscover it. This time I’m going to put it where I think I’ll find it more often!