A Goose Lake morning

Hi everyone,

Yesterday morning I looked out a kitchen window to our back yard and at the solitary figure of our once majestic maple tree. It now stands bare, stripped of its limbs, enduring the slow, public ignominy of losing its remaining bark. Rotting pieces lie around its base, adding a somber setting to the process. One day before long the trunk will stand like a statue to its former self and will be beautiful again. Not yet though. I look at it often and wish it good speed.

Yesterday morning I saw something different around the old tree, two things. One, the sun pointed out a spider web glistening from a brick pillar toward some distant anchor point.

Two, a dandelion stood among the shards of decaying bark at the base of the tree. And those observations were related. The dead tree, the dandelion, and the spider were all part of the same picture. You can’t see it because of my inadequate effort to shoot through glass, but one end of a web strand is attached to a dandelion stem! Imagine how much else we don’t know about the world around us.

I love Goose Lake. My coffee never tasted better.

And the Word of the Month word for October is…

Hi everyone,

Our good friend JEANNE POLAND agreed to provide the word for our October challenge. She slipped it into the record early and you might not have been looking. So here it is is in all its glory.


If that one doesn’t prime your pump, I don’t know what will! Thank you, Jeanne.

Adding and subtracting the days

Hi everyone,

Doing the math last night to check progress on the book with a February 3 deadline. As a guideline, I figured on four good poems in each 5-day period. That’s probably too optimistic by at least one poem per week. If I could keep up that pace, I’ll need 40-45 decent work days (8-9 week equivalents).

I reviewed my calendar, making note of upcoming trips and activities that will make it difficult to work. During October, I might have 12 days, 16 in November, 18 in December. That’s 46 days by year-end. If I don’t work on anything else. If nothing else happens. If I can really write four good poems every five days.

There’s still January. If I don’t finish by the end of December, I still have January between the deadline and me. Sorry to bother you with the nitty-gritty, but this is why I’ll be more heads down than usual for a while.

All caught up

Hi everyone,

I got in some sneak-writing yesterday and it made up for the slow week. All turned out according to schedule so I’m a happy guy.

On a sadder note, it’s time to have the pool covered. Leaves are blowing in faster than we can scoop them out. How I miss the time of year when there’s so much life and spontaneity around the water. I’m already dreaming about next spring.

Enjoy the day. Pay no attention to the old grump at Goose Lake.

Another week, another weekend, another Monday coming…

Hi everyone,

Only got 2 1/2 poems done this week but each one counts. Sounds better when I say that counting the nine already completed, I have 11 1/2 down and only 38 1/2 to go. The interview with BONNIE BELL was fun. Turn out she was taping it to be aired later, probably the first week in October. More about that when I know the details.

I hope you have a good weekend. I plan to get some rest.