A new poetry challenge

Hi everyone,

During Pat Lewis’s recent poetry challenge, I asked if anyone else would like to propose a round. Deborah Holt Williams suggested that we write some limericks about anything but Nantucket. In other words, keep it clean boys and girls.

There are no other forms that lend themselves to humor as readily as the limerick. It has been around for quite a while with its rollicking rhythm and rhyme scheme. I wrote three of them for THE BOOK OF GIANT STORIES back in 1972. Here are a couple, quoted from memory because I don’t have the book with me.

There once was a Giant named Jones
Who lived in a castle of stones,
And often he said,
“I’d love to bake bread,
But I hate grinding up all those bones.”

There once was a silly old witch
Who captured two frogs in a ditch,
She named one Pog,
The other one Wog,
But never could tell which was which.

So how about it? Limericks anyone?