First activities of the new year

Hi everyone,

Today I’ll finish the Benchmark book. I may take a few days off, or at least cut back on the hours for a while. I still need to make a few more notes about the school visit to WOLF School this Thursday and coming up on the 12th is a program at The Library Center that will be a Q/A interview/presentation with my editor, RACHEL KERSEY, about This Life. I look forward to both events.

Ready to ship THIS LIFE

Hi everyone,

First shipment of my autobiography will be delivered to the Duane G. Meyer Library on the Missouri State University campus today.

For those of you who have placed orders, your books will be going out right away. And of course that’s true for new orders placed now. I can’t guarantee that your copies will arrive by Christmas, but there’s a chance they will. Sorry it’s a photo-finish but believe me, my editor RACHEL KERSEY, worked at record speed to make this possible at all. For anyone within driving distance of the MSU campus, you can pick up your copy to save time.

A second printing is planned soon after the first of the year when the Ingram shipment arrives. That one will be made available to book stories, libraries, and online sellers.