Wishing you a pleasant, meaningful weekend

Hi everyone,

I’m taking off a couple of days to goo foff. Don’t know what we’ll do yet. Our buddy from Kansas City, Elaine Fry, is in town so it will be good to see her.

Yesterday on Facebook I caught a glimpse of David Harrison Elementary from the air, which gave an excellent view of the size and scope of the building plus the beautiful setting, but it disappeared before I could capture it. I want to track it down for my records and also to show you.

I hope you’ve seen the poem I did for Tim Rasinski’s post for Memorial Day — https://www.facebook.com/timothy.rasinski/posts/10222982685889230?notif_id=1622144539782656&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic_tagged&ref=notif — and the library post — https://thelibrary.org/kids/blogs/article.cfm?aid=6560  about my summer reading workshop next week on the 2nd and 3rd.

Until Monday or so, be well and safe.


An evening by the lake warmed by fire and friendship

Hi everyone,
Nights are growing cooler here at Goose Lake. Time to light the fire pit for pleasant evening visits with friends.
This past weekend we loved having our dear friend, Elaine Fry, down from Kansas City.While keep our distances, we had a wonderful time watching the night come on.There’s always so much to talk about when friends get together.

Stop in your tracks!

Hi everyone,

Sometimes you have to take a stand against winter. No more snow. Stop right now!

Thanks to our friend Elaine Fry for taking the positive steps to do something about this miserable weather.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi everyone,

It’s a beautiful day here for celebrating mothers and I’ve already found a pair of lovelies in the kitchen, my own sweetie and her/our long time dear friend, Elaine Fry.

This afternoon daughter Robin with hubby Tim and son Kris will join the festivities at Goose Lake. We’ll remember my mother Neva and Sandy’s mother Kathleen and tell favorite stories about them.

Wherever you are, I wish you a wonderful day. To quote son Jeff from his reflections as small boy: “Mothers are good things. If you have one, try her and you will see.” (If that’s not quite it, Jeff, I think it captures the spirit.)