Finding treasure

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Sandy and I finally tackled the box of odds and ends that has rested beside a chair in our bedroom for several years. We knew there were some books in there but what we found mingled with them were many of my old letters to Sandy when we were dating and after we got married. When I was 17, I spent the summer at the University of Missouri in Columbia interning in the entomology department. The next summer I played in the house band at The Lake Club in Springfield, Illinois. The next time I left town I was married and went alone to Atlanta to begin my graduate studies while Sandy stayed in Springfield to finish her degree at Drury. Lots of letters. They won’t be of much interest to anyone else but Sandy sat on the side of the bed and read many of them yesterday, sometimes aloud, and I brought one in here to tell you about in the next day or so.

One of the treasures I discovered in the box was MY LITTLE GOLDEN ANIMAL BOOK, written by Elizabeth Macpherson and published by Golden Press in 1962. Robin was little when we bought the book and it was one of her favorites. The memories came flooding back as I began reading those catchy verses that made our daughter giggle and snuggle down for another reading.
Cocks waken.
Cocks crow.
When it’s morning
The cocks know.

Pigs grunt or
Pigs squeal.
All depends on how
Pigs feel.

Colts canter.
Colts trot.
Sugar pleases colts
A lot.

I just checked the title on Amazon and you can still get it. It still ranks about 2.5 million, pretty good for a book that sold for 29 cents 53 years ago. A belated thank you to Elizabeth.