Calling for more pictures for Ozarks Family Voices

Hi everyone,

To start the new year off right, I’ve posted a picture on Family Voices ( and am asking you to consider sending me your own family pictures for future postings to the site. By now most of you know about the postings of family members reading to children, mostly under five, as an ongoing campaign to remind everyone how important it is to read to young kids during those crucial years when their brains are developing at a rate faster than it ever will again during their lifetimes.

Sometime ago (Ozarks) Family Voices discontinued our active campaign of organized activities. When I post pictures of family members reading to their little ones, it’s a reminder of our core message.

When you join the fun by sending me (to a picture (saved as jpg) to add to the growing collection on our Family Voices page, your support is greatly appreciated. If you haven’t already sent me something, please add it to your resolutions for 2021. Thank you so much for adding your strength to the effort. I’ll post this plea on Facebook, too, so I hope you’ll consider sharing it with others who might be able to help.

Henry’s back

Hi everyone,

You gotta love Henry. He knows the only thing better than a book is when someone reads the book to him.

I hope this is the day you’ve been putting off — taking a picture of you reading to a young child and sending it to me to post on FAMILY VOICES. It’s fun to do and sends an important message. Send saved as jpg to Thank you.

Brilliant lights of Branson

Hi everyone,

No time yet for anything creative but I hope you’ll visit FAMILY VOICES page at and consider sending me pictures of you reading to a child under 5. I need to replenish my supply!

Enjoy some of the 1,000,000 the lights we saw last week when we stayed two nights at Wilderness Club/Big Cedar.

How to read to a rabbit

Hi everyone,

Have you read to a rabbit recently? Just as I figured.

Fear not. Until you acquire a rabbit, you can practice by reading to a child. The beauty of it is, it can be your little boy or girl or someone else’s. This gets better. It doesn’t even have to be you doing the reading. It can be a mother or father or brother or sister or cousin or aunt or uncle or grandmother or grandfather or friend or friend of a friend or a librarian or a teacher or anyone else who loves children and wants to see them develop their vocabulary, imagination, and understanding of the world they are growing up in. Is this an offer you can’t refuse or what?

For further instructions: Thank you!