Found art

Hi everyone,

I love good art when I find it.

This is an accretion of last fall’s leaves, this spring’s Bradford pear petals from a neighbor’s yard, and tree pollen from a gusty day — mixed in a rich gumbo and served on the cover of our pool. Yum yum.

P.S. I have been requested to write a poem inspired by this picture, so here goes.

The Recipe

Rain water, let it set,
Hackberry leaves, wet,
Tree pollen, add to taste,
Rotting blossoms, yard waste,
Eggs of something yet unhatched,
Drowned beetles, wind dispatched,
If you have enough to spare,
Drop in spiders here and there,
Season liberally with germs,
Caterpillars, dead worms.
A masterpiece fit to sigh for,
Though truthfully, a stew to die for.

© 2019 David L. Harrison, all rights bottled and reserved