George Washington Carver

Hi everyone,

I wrote this poem a while back but decided to save it for a special occasion. The great scientist and inventor died 71 years ago today.
George Washington Carver
(1864 (?) – 1943)
by David L. Harrison

Born a slave
before the Civil War.
What chance did he have?
Poor little kid.

Kidnapped when
he was one week old,
sold, rescued,
lost his mother.
Poor little kid.
What chance did he have?

Then, set free,
raised by good folks,
sent to school,
studied soybeans,
sweet potatoes,
helped poor farmers
feed their families.

Studied peanuts
more than anyone —
peanut recipes,
peanut products.

Famous teacher,
friend of presidents,
face on stamps,
name on ships,
made the world
a better place.
Thank goodness for
that poor little kid.