Georgia Heard poetry workshop next week

Hi everyone,

Next Tuesday evening, December 1, I’ll be Georgia Heard’s guest speaker on Poet’s Studio, an online series of workshops on writing poetry. It will start at 7:00 CST and I’m scheduled to start around 7:30. My subjects will be rhyme and meter and I’ll work with the attendees for 35-45 minutes. Georgia says, “The wonderful poets in my classes are a mixture of poets writing for children and adults.”
The series is marked full on Georgia’s site but here it is in case you or someone you know might like to check to see about late enrollment.

I look forward to participating in Georgia’s workshop. Because of the activities around introducing three new books since September I’ve had little time to prepare for it until now. And that’s why I can’t play very much between now and next Tuesday.

Guesting on Poetry Studio

Hi everyone,

On the evening of Tuesday, December 1, I’ll be a guest speaker on Georgia Heard’s series of online poetry writing workshops called The Poet’s Studio. I’ll be on 7:45-ish EST, 6:45 CST p.m.. I’ve agreed to speak about rhyme and meter, a favorite topic of mine, although this far it out it’s possible that my subject might be widened to include other aspects of poetry.
I copied this just now from Georgia’s description of three of the workshops.

“Tuesdays December 1st – December 15th

7:00-9:30 PM (EST)

Whether you’re beginning your poetry journey, or have written poetry for years, in this 3 session workshop we will play, explore and write in a wide range of poetic forms from traditional forms like the sonnet to contemporary forms like poems-for-two-voices. We’ll explore how to artfully merge form and content. Each week you will receive feedback on what you write from Georgia Heard and your peers.

Irene Latham, author of Nine: A Book of Nonet Poems and This Poem Is A Nest and David Harrison, poet laureate of Drury University, and author of 92 books including his newest After Dark: Poems about Nocturnal Animals will be our special guests in two of the workshops.”

For anyone interested, here’s more information about the workshops and how to sign up. I’m telling you about this now because sessions tend to fill early.

Vegas and Boston

Hi everyone,

Here’s a shot of the Las Vegas Marathon while we were there. I heard that it involved 35,000 runners.
At NCTE I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get any pictures but Linda Baie was kind enough to take one of Sandy and me Sandy and Davidand someone else took a picture of Georgia Heard and Laura Purdie Salas with me at Do I know how to pick glamorous women or what!

Found poems published

BULLETIN: I know about Veda Boyd Jones’s e-book. She and I talked at the Warrensburg Children’s Literature Festival and agreed that we seem to spend half our time these days checking the latest sales numbers of our e-books. Hi, Veda. Checked yet today? Anyway, Cheryl Harness has an e-book. So does Janet Wong. So do Sylvia Vardell and Janet together. My question is, who are we missing here? If you have a children’s e-book that we haven’t talked about, let me know with a comment. I’ll try to post a list of other brave souls who have taken the plunge so far.

Hi everyone,

Many of you will remember when I posted a challenge to try your luck with found poems. By taking words from everyday text and language, many of you refashioned them into poems and we had a lot of fun reading one another’s discoveries. What prompted me to post on the subject was a project of Georgia Heard’s to collect enough found poems to publish a book.

Georgia has now completed her work and the resulting collection of forty found poems, THE ARROW FINDS IT MARK, officially comes out next Tuesday, March 27. If you would like to learn more or order a copy, here’s the link. .

I’m pleased to have a couple of poems in the group. One came from an American Airlines magazine Mensa Quiz and is called “Today’s Thought Problem.” The second, which is called “Hot-Dogging,” was found in a United Airlines magazine. How’s that for making good use of flying time?

You’ll find many of your favorite poets in this collection and I recommend it.


Thanks again to recent guests

Hi everyone,

Sometimes in my rush forward I forget to pause to really thank those who have done me the favor of appearing on my blog. Over the past couple of months I’ve had notable guests who have shared their wit and wisdom here and today feels like a good time to say once more that I’m grateful. To revisit their appearances, click on the links with their names and pictures.