Time for some goo foffing

Hi everyone,

This will be my first break since March so I’m looking forward to a week out of the wheel. Not saying I won’t think about work, but I promised my M.O.W. I won’t actually DO any work for seven whole days. If anything interesting comes up, I might post about it. Otherwise, you probably won’t hear much from me. I’m at the 40% mark on the project I’ve been on for the past several weeks. The school district is Fairfax County Virginia Public Schools. Student enrollment is 180,000, making it the 11th largest district in America. In the grades I’m focusing on, there are 40,000 students.

Hi everyone

Time for a bit of goo foffing. Last night our Robin and her Tim and their Tyler and his Josie flew in. Jeff is already here. So let the good time roll. I have stuff to do, and at least some of it will get done, but some won’t. A friend advises me to stay in the moment. I predict that things will all work out.

On the “missing you” side, we are missing Jeff’s Jennifer and grandson Kris, who is celebrating his 31st birthday today alone.

And the goo foffing winner is…

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your help when I asked your opinions about how I should spell “goo foffing.” The polls closed last night and I’m proud to say that 25 of you cast you ballots here and on Facebook. Here are the results.

10 for goo foffing

6 for goof offing

4 for goo-foffing

2 for GooFoffing

2 for goofoffing

1 for foffing

0 for goo f offing

Looks like I’m cleared to continue goo foffing into the future. Thank you again for helping me solve this puzzlement!