The turtles are calling

Hi everyone,

Time for some serious goo foffing. The turtles are calling. I can almost hear them singing to me.

In spite of them, I will remain productive and be in touch. Same time, different place.

They’re everywhere and think they own the place. There is always a period of adjustment before we can agree on who’s in charge and settle down to coexist. Trust me, I’ll work it out.

A test of courage

Hi everyone,

Okay, a test of courage might be putting it a bit strongly, but it’s no small matter to leave one’s laptop for a whole week. That’s what I’m planning for an upcoming, purely goo foffing adventure. I don’t remember the last time I’ve done that, except maybe for an overnight. I’ll be like Linus without his security blanket. Be assured that I’ll have my writing pad, pens, and phone. I look forward to some serious reading!

I won’t be able to post on the blog. It will be one of the few times since 2009 to go a week without posting. The good news for me is that I’ve finished all the revisions I had to do. There may be others in the feedback from editors but for now I’m caught up and ready to pull back for a while. At least I think I am. I hope I am. We’ll see how it goes.

And the goo foffing goes on

Hi everyone,

Today ends two weeks without a meeting or a single phone call that required my attention. Good weather, much of it beautiful, some time on the beach or by the pool. Work has gone smoothly. Agreements have been reached for the manuscript due in February so I’m ready to start writing that sometime soon. Not much more I could wish for. I know my blog posts are mostly boring when I’m goo foffing. Sometimes I just don’t have much news.

Time for some goo foffing

Hi everyone,

This will be my first break since March so I’m looking forward to a week out of the wheel. Not saying I won’t think about work, but I promised my M.O.W. I won’t actually DO any work for seven whole days. If anything interesting comes up, I might post about it. Otherwise, you probably won’t hear much from me. I’m at the 40% mark on the project I’ve been on for the past several weeks. The school district is Fairfax County Virginia Public Schools. Student enrollment is 180,000, making it the 11th largest district in America. In the grades I’m focusing on, there are 40,000 students.