What time is it? It’s goo foffing time!

Hi everyone,

Today is the first day of an official goo foffing period. Most of you know the drill by now. I might not be in touch as often as usual and I might be guilty of letting my mind out of the wheel more often to wonder about other things. I’ll still report to work each morning at 6:00, but little gets done after other folks start stirring for the day.

I’ll post some pictures so you’ll know I’m out and about. If my posts fall off, please make yourselves at home browsing through some of the past posts. Stay safe and be well.

Goose Lake in bloom

Hi everyone,

Everything is blooming around here. Between rains we played in the water for a while yesterday. The sky was gray but we still had plenty of color to cheer us.

My morning will be spent reading articles about poetry in the classroom as I prepare to write one of my own on the subject. I look forward to it even though it means pulling back from the new middle grade novel in progress. It will soon be goo foffing time again so I need to make things happen!