Well who knew about Goodreads?

Hi everyone,

I’ve only now paused to look into Goodreads. To some this may seem like the epitome of techno-ignorance, but for me it has been a case of just not wanting to add one more thing to my list of sites to worry about. Guess I’ll start paying more attention. Turns out a lot of people have rated and reviewed books of mine that I knew nothing about.

I ran across a summary that says my average rating is 3.86 based on 1,838 ratings. There are 390 reviews scattered over 92 of my books. I had no clue. I owe thanks to many readers for past compliments and reviews. I’ve wondered lately why the number of reader ratings seemed to have fallen off, and now I think I know why. From now on I promise to pay more attention and start checking Goodreads instead of blowing it off.