$10 at Costco

Hi everyone,

We love having flowers around and SANDY often brings some home from the grocery store. How’s this for a bargain way to add beauty to the day?

And just outside the window…

I do so love this time of year!

Sat out by the pool until 10:30 last night, first time on the patio this year. A toad serenaded us. I figured it was the one I rescued from the pool trap a few days ago. I love toads that show gratitude.

Curtain time!

Hi everyone,

Spring has come slowly to Goose Lake but hopefully we’ve had our last frost and plants are coming on fast now. Yesterday I counted one group of three pairs of geese with thirteen new goslings among them not bigger than chicks. Another pair, in a neighbor’s yard right over the fence from us, had five young of their own and were out walking with them when a Cooper’s Hawk divebombed them and narrowly missed one of the little fluff balls beside a parent. It happened so fast the parents seemed bewildered by the attack. The hawk kept going so no harm came from the event.

Yesterday evening Sandy and I sat by the lake with cheese and crackers and warmed ourselves by the firepit. I look forward to months to come of eating and relaxing out there, watching the endless show.

Of toads and rugs

Hi everyone,

Thursday night the toads came back. First sighting and serenading of the year. The nights have been too cool to encourage courting but last night was mild and I guess the guys decided they’ve waited long enough. Last year there were hardly any toads. Maybe they couldn’t get masks. Who knows? But they got off to an excellent start last night and we were pleased to welcome them back to Goose Lake.

In other news, I was fascinated, as I always am, when Sheri comes to clean and leaves such artistic designs in the carpet. It’s amazing what one can do, using a vacuum for a brush and a rug for a canvas. I always hope that Sandy will walk across it before I do. I hate being first to spoil such grand design.

The face of Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I opened my front door to cover the plants on the front step and noticed the same gander that was peering into our living room the other day. He was standing on a rock, peering around his domain to make sure everything was in its place and all was in order. His mate grazed calmly nearby, content to let him handle worldly issues while she prepared for motherhood and mulled over the most promising nesting sites they’ve had their eyes on for some time now. Any day she’ll make the final preparations, lay her eggs, and begin the long, uncomfortable wait. I wish her well and am glad her guy is on the job. He is, to me, the face of Goose Lake.

The wandering gandering gander

Hi everyone,

A pair of Canadian geese have been investigating our neighborhood for some time now. It’s that time of year. I don’t mind them. They are following nature’s call. Yesterday, however, I found it necessary to have a little talk with the gander when I found him taking a gander into our living room.

“My wife would love your flowers,” he said. “It would help make the days go faster.”

“We shall have no eggs in our living room,” I told him.

“And she could take short dips in your pool. Perfect!”

“We shall have no geese in our pool,” I told him. “It’s not even open yet.”

“Come along, Dear,” he called from a safe place. “The guy’s grouchier than that guy in the movie we watched through their window the other night about a car and an old man. Let’s go.”

“I would have loved sitting in their living room,” she sighed.

“I wouldn’t want our children around him anyway,” I heard him say as they flew away.