Helping young writers

Hi everyone,

We still need to sell 50 tickets or so to the Writers Hall of Fame Quill Award event this coming Saturday night. Many of our usual college crowd supporters are on spring break so ticket sales are suffering from their absence.

We’ll be honoring Hank Billings, a veteran columnist with Springfield News-Leader so it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet Hank and congratulate him for his decades of service to the community of readers. He’s billed as the fastest two-finger typist in the business.

But there’s another reason to buy a ticket or a table for the event, and that’s to help Writers Hall of Fame meet it’s second mission — to encourage and support young people who are interested in becoming writers.

Each year we assist collegebound high school seniors with scholarships ranging from $500 – $2,000, and all the money comes from the Quill Award ceremony, a second event that honors young writers for their work, and the annual Writers Workshop.

At this moment our sales are down and we need to attract more people to come and enjoy the fine evening this Saturday evening. I posted all the details yesterday so scroll down one for more information. Please come if you can and tell others who might want to attend and/or support the cause with a donation.

Those of us who find joy in writing need to remember those early days when we, too, were falling in love with the sound our words made on paper. Encouraging the next generation of writers is, I think, part of our responsibility.