And the word for December is . . .

Hi everyone,

I’d no sooner posted about the slight delay than I heard from our host, SUSAN CARMICHAEL, with the word for December. Thank you, Susan! In this 2011 picture, Susan is on the left chatting with HEIDI MORDHORST.

The word Susan has chosen to inspire our December poems is REINDEER! This should be a fun one. Ready? Set? Go! And thank you, Susan, for being such a good sport when I let the time slip by!

Cory says the word of the Month word for September is . . .

Hi everyone,

As you know, I’ve invited the poets who attended my first Highlights Foundation Workshop near Honesdale in 2011 to provide the Word of the Month words for the next several months. Today we lead off with our Canadian friend, CORY CORRADO. Those early events took place in the house where the originators of Highlights Magazine for Children once lived. Here’s Cory having fun on a swing in the big side yard.

Cory has been the unofficial keeper of all the words we’ve used since October 2009. It seems only fitting and proper that she should choose the word of the month for September, which marks the end of the 13th year of Word of the Month. This is our 156th month of making poetry inspired by a single word. What has Cory chosen. Drum roll please… the word is ZIP!

Thank you, Cory. I can’t wait to see what our poets here and abroad will do with such an energetic word!

One month from today

Hi everyone,
Honesdale, David and Jeanne
Thirty days from now I’ll fly to Scranton and go from there by car through Honesdale and a few miles farther into the Pennsylvania countryside to the original site of Boyds Mill. Across the road is a farmhouse, the home of the folks who started Highlights Magazine for Children. On that property writers and artists from the United States and abroad now come to meet together, work under the guidance of established professionals, and take home good memories as well as knowledge that applies directly to their creative goals. Workshops take place in “The Barn” and attendees stay in cottages located short walking distances away.
One month from today I’ll greet this year’s poets who will be there to participate in a workshop I’ll lead over the following two full days and through noon on the third. During that time we’ll eat together, play together, and work together. I’ll divide our time into half-day segments, each highlighted by a presentation from an editor, a presentation and prompt by me, and plenty of time to work on that segment’s chosen form of poetry.
Ken and David
These workshops are small so everyone gets to know the group and feel comfortable as we spend the days and evenings together. Some poets are still looking for their first publication while others have already experienced that pleasure and hope to achieve additional success. No matter where the poets are in their careers, the small size of the group assures that everyone benefits and learns from one another.
Honesdale, Becca, Susan, and David - 2
As of this morning, seven poets have signed to join me at The Barn. With four weeks to go, I think we might hear from two or three more. That would still be a good number. Here’s the link for more information.

Honesdale, David and Cory

Poetry workshop reminder

Hi everyone,
David at David Harrison Day
Today’s post is a reminder that I’ve agreed to do another workshop for poets at The Barn near Honesdale, Pennsylvania, August 21-24.

I’ve scheduled us for three hours of writing each morning and each afternoon, and I’ll be there throughout to act as sounding board, mentor, facilitator, and coach. After two full days, each poet will have at least four poems, each in a different subgenre.

On the third morning we’ll hold a critique session so that participants can leave with some honest feedback to take home and guide further revisions if thought necessary.

Here’s where this workshop offers valuable added value, thanks to the input of previous participants. Every poet dreams of being published and agonizes over how difficult it can be to figure out how to do it. That’s why I’m so delighted to introduce the four key guests who have accepted my invitation to speak.

On Day One, our two speakers (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) come from the magazine side of Highlights. Allison Kane is the editorial assistant at Highlights Magazine and edits most of the poetry as well as numerous other publications. Patrick Greenwish is Art Director for Highlights Magazine for Children. Patrick can provide insight about the importance of writing with an artist in mind.

For Day Two our speakers will represent the book side. Mary Colgan is Senior Editor for Highlights Press, the book-publishing division of Highlights for Children. Mary can answer questions about the whole range of books the company publishes. Rebecca Davis is a senior editor for Boyds Mills Press and for Wordsong, the only imprint in the United States dedicated to children’s poetry.

This is a perfect chance to learn firsthand from editors what they look for and how the process of reviewing poetry and deciding whether or not to accept it for publication works. We have to be good and hone our work till it’s ready, but we also need to be savvy about how this publishing business works. That knowledge can save a lot of heartache and wasted effort. For more complete information, here’s the link. .

August will roll around before you know it. If this sounds interesting to you or you know someone who might like to come, please contact Jo Lloyd ( at the Foundation for more information.