Back in the wheel

Hi everyone,

Busy week coming up. I haven’t written a word in days but things look better now that I’m home. Couple of book projects need tweaking, one with Sandy Asher and one with Jane Yolen. I’m pleased with both and we’re getting close. A third project, with Mary Jo Fresch, is already out there so we wait.

I do an evening program on Tuesday and a radio spot on Thursday. On the weekend I’ll head for Kirksville to do a school visit.

As time permits I hope to get back to chapter three of a new middle grade novel.


Worth repeating

Hi everyone,

On Friday I posted a picture of my turtles studying my calendar and Jane wrote a witty poem about it. I followed up with this picture and a poem and Susan chipped in a poem as well, but I’m not sure many saw the fun developing. Today I’m reposting all that for anyone who missed the original and maybe we’ll see some further contributions before the day is done.

Jane Yolen

February 10, 2018 @ 7:04 am

The Turtles Escape

The Reading of Turtles
is not too well known.
They sit upon books
that their people all own.

They act as if reading–
–Or sleeping–who knows.
Their eyes are just painted
and they never close.

I worry they’re reading
and planning a trip.
I caution myself
that I must get a grip.

Next morning, the turtles
are missing, away.
I worry about it
for all of the day.

But turtles are careful,
deliberate, I know.
Wherever they’re headed,
It’s going to be sloooooooow.



The Turtle’s Response

All those nights
he read to us.
All those words
he fed to us.

Now those words
will take us far
cleverly hidden
in his car.

We’ve made our plans,
we’ve marked the date,
we’ve packed our bags,
and now we wait.

He says that turtles
aren’t allowed,
but we can READ!
He’ll be so proud!

(c) by David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

Susan Hutchens

February 11, 2018 @ 12:17 am

Don’t Judge a Turtle!

Likely ’cause
we walk so slow,
people think
we just don’t know.

Folks judge us by
our outer looks –
We might be green
but we love books!

Like other creatures
here on earth,
we didn’t choose
this reptile birth.

Ever hopeful
we surge ahead,
and know we’re smart
because we read!

Word of the Month word for January . . .

Hi everyone,

Here we go with another fresh slate on which to record our unfolding histories. To help accomplish it, we’ll begin with a new word to challenge our imaginations. This one was suggested by Jane Yolen, and it’s RETURN.

What does this word tell you? What does it mean? How will it lead forward by returning to . . . what? Can’t wait to discover the magic in one word. Off we go!

Reviewing the year

Hi everyone,

2017 is about out of gas but I think we can walk to 2018 from here if need be. My only complaint about 2017 is that it seemed to be a short year.

It was productive for me though. In addition to posting here most days, seven days each week, my work received recognitions (from Society of Midland Authors for best nonfiction book of the year and NCTE’s list of Notable Poetry Books for Children, for NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T), sold my 99th book (to Holiday House, called RUM PUM PUM, co-authored with Jane Yolen), sold my 100th book (to Holiday House, called I WANT AN APPLE), had one new book come out (from Scholastic called 7 KEYS TO RESEARCH FOR WRITING SUCCESS, co-authored with Mary Jo Fresch), published an article in Arizona Reading Journal and two (one of which was co-authored with Mary Jo Fresch) in Missouri Reading Journal, was featured interview in Children’s Book Insider), included in anthologies, including POEMS ARE TEACHERS (collected by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater) and THE BEST OF TODAY’S LITTLE DITTY, 2016 (collected by Michelle Heidenrich Barnes), appeared in a multi-skill course book in India called REVISED EXPLORING ENGLISH), took an agent (Karen Grensik), made two research trips (Arizona and New York) signed in books stores in Missouri and Florida, presented and signed at NCTE, visited schools in Arizona and Missouri, participated in two children’s literature festivals in Missouri, and an updated bio appeared in SOMETHING ABOUT THE AUTHOR.

Coming up in 2018: two new titles, A PLACE TO START A FAMILY (from Charlesbridge) and CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS (from Boyds Mills Press) plus two children’s literature festivals, a feature spot in a magazine, two radio programs, school visits, a live evening program at The Library Center in Springfield, more anthologies, another poem in an Indian publication, and will present and sign at Texas Library Association and at ILA.

My first conference in 2019 is inked in. Five new books are under contract and in the works.