A lot of bull….

Hi everyone,

Let me show you something. img_20161228_145614196 Yep, it’s a charmer and a snake. She’s Jennifer Harrison, my daughter-in-law. The serpent is a Missouri eight foot long bull snake. It resides not far from Branson in a case at Dogwood Canyon’s Old Mill Museum, and it has a personality. Not that Jennifer doesn’t because she has personality galore. But I want to tell you about the snake.

It only likes prepared food. Catching your own is so, like, primitive. It also requires that its food be served hot or not at all. Forget the rules, it sulks. Otherwise it’s the exhibit’s chief greeter and entertainer, as you can see on Jennifer’s face. Had you gone around behind Jennifer’s back as I did, the snake looked pretty happy too.

And why, you ask, is Jennifer not afraid of the snake? She teaches 4th grade, man. What’s left to be afraid of???

Naming my wagon

Hi everyone,

For Christmas Jeff and Jennifer gave me a steel utility cart, just the thing to cut down on my trips each spring and winter carrying more than three dozen chair cushions, umbrellas, pots and planters, bird baths, concrete pottery, metal sculptures, etc. to and from the patio and garage. Here’s my new beauty.

Ruth Culham says I need a name for my wagon and I got a C- in Wagon Naming for Dummies when I was in school. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have to help me make Ruth happy. After all, she’s a good friend and I don’t want to start 2017 hurting anyone’s feelings.

Thanks everyone!