We missed you

Hi everyone,

Last night at the Republic Library, we four poets arrived a little before 6:00 and prepared to give our readings. Not one person showed up to hear us. We enjoyed one another’s company for a while and then went our separate ways. Just prior to leaving, KAREN CRAIGO suggested that we ought to write poems about the experience of having a no-show audience. This is my poem. It’s all first draft, but at least I put more effort into it than our audience did last night. (:>

We missed you last night,
as we sat on chairs at the library,
eyes on the door through which you would enter,
certainty growing as minutes ticked by
that you weren't coming.

You were probably detained,
you and all the others who didn't show up,
by pressing, last-minute complications --
such as a call from the governor, pleading for your help,
or your 12-year-old daughter announcing with justifiable pride
her acceptance into Harvard,
or an unexpected, heart-wrenching search for a neighbor's missing cat.

We forgave you of course, as bards will.
We had prepared carefully for the event,
given serious thought to what we would read,
practiced, chosen what to wear, driven from our homes,
arrived on time, pulled into the empty library lot.

Who could not forgive someone like you, who, perhaps,
halfway there had to stop to give birth in the back seat?
Or witnessed an armed robbery and pulled over
to assist the police in chasing down the bad guys?
Or one of you probably won the Nobel Prize for Physics
and naturally, needed time to write your speech?

We missed you last night, but who could hold a grudge
against so many people achieving so many admirable things?
This poem is not written in revenge.
Poets are above pettiness.
It's just that we're so very proud of you.

(c) 2023 by David L. Harrison, all rights reserved 

Another readiing for National Poetry Month

Hi everyone,

Thanks to AMY JARDELL and Ozarks Literacy Council for sponsoring and former Springfield mayor BOB STEPHENS for rounding up local poets and setting up dates, the month-long series of poetry readings continues with a session tonight at 6:00 in the Republic Library. I look forward to joining KAREN CRAIGO, LORA KNIGHT, and BOB (himself a poet) at the library.

In total there are thirteen dates set during April, each featuring four or five poets. I was able to schedule for three. Tonight is my second. The final reading for me will be on the 25th at 6:30 in The Library Center in Springfield. Each poet has ten minutes or so to read and time passes easily. I hope to see some of you there tonight and on the 25th.

Back at it

Hi everyone,

Home again. It was lovely spending the past seven weeks in Florida, but sooner or later one has to come home. We arrived late last night, read through a basket of accumulated mail, and tumbled into bed. Today it’s back to reality, as in bill paying, making appointments, etc.

The big hit in the mail for me was a packet of sweet notes from students at DAVID HARRISON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. After they took their story walk, featuring I WANT AN APPLE — thanks to fantastic librarian ANGELA KNIGHT — they went to their rooms and wrote to me. I can’t wait to read each one.

I also caught up with an interview article in SPRINGFIELD BUSINESS JOURNAL, written by KAREN CRAIGO about three local authors, NANCY ALLEN, SUSAN KEENE, and me. Nicely done and I am flattered to be in the Journal.

One meeting this week is with the team who will join me at The Library Center on April 19 to present a program called Night Sounds. The two pictures below are from a previous program at The Library Center. The folks there are wonderful to work with. Here’s how the upcoming event is describes.

Showing how frogs hop.

You sort of had to be there.

On warm summer nights, if we step outside we may hear a symphony of sounds — whistles, whirs, clicks and cries. What makes these voices we hear in the night? Bestselling author David Harrison, our friends from the Springfield Conservation Nature Center, students from Springfield Public Schools WOLF program, and students from David Harrison Elementary School will explore these sounds and the creatures that make them. Kids will learn facts about local nocturnal animals, enjoy stories and poems and even get to make some night sounds themselves!

Back in the wheel

Hi everyone,

My thanks to Jen Murvin at Pagination Bookshop for hosting the poetry reading last night. I enjoyed participating in the event with Marcus Cafagna, Karen Craigo, and Sara Burge. Sorry we ran out of time after and hour and a half with ten people still having unanswered questions. If you want to send me yours, my email address is davidlharrison1@att.net. If you had questions for other poets, please send them to Jen at Pagination. Jen invited us back for another reading in a year or so and I’ll look forward to it.

For now, it’s back in the wheel. I’m holding my own on the project at hand but other deadlines loom.

Next Tuesday evening is Poetry Night, not recommended for a young audience

Hi everyone,

I want to emphasize that this is not a program for children. Some poems may include adult content. I advise against inviting young children to join you for the performance.

I’m looking forward to joining three other poets next Tuesday evening, April 13, at 7:00 p.m. CST, for a Zoom and Facebook online poetry reading. People are beginning to sign up now.

To view the event, just click on the webinar link at the time of the event to join the free event. Jen Murvin at Pagination Bookshop, will be our host as part of their continuing celebrations during National Poetry Month! Jen invites you to “join the Zoom webinar here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/841892558The91 or watch live on Facebook. {The video will be housed on our FB page after the event, so you can enjoy it later and/or again!} *This is a virtual event.*

Link to event on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/814763615804477