The new poster is up

Hi everyone,

While SANDY and I were in Florida, the new poster went up in the Harrison Conference Room at The Library Center in Springfield. I couldn’t wait to see it hanging on the wall so going to pay it a visit was one of the first things I did after we returned home.

The room was dedicated in 2003 when ANNIE BUSCH was Director of Springfield-Greene County Library District. The original poster was left on another wall and I love that one too.

This new poster, an update of my work over the past eighteen years, was guided by KATHLEEN O’DELL, created by DANNY DYER, and pattered after the front page of my website, created by web designer and manager KATHY TEMEAN. I think it’s beautiful and am very grateful to everyone who had a part in making this happen.

I asked Annie if she would meet me there and consent to having her picture taken with me at the new poster. It was she who personally sponsored this new addition to the room and I can’t thank her enough.

New poster added to David Harrison Conference Room

Hi everyone,

I am so happy to thank the good people at Springfield-Greene County Library District. A new poster of my work just went up in the David Harrison Conference Room at The Library Center on South Campbell in Springfield.

The room was dedicated in 2003. A lot has happened in the 19 intervening years so now a new poster joins the original. I’m delighted! My special gratitude to KATHLEEN O’DELL (Director, Community Relations) for facilitating the project, to DANNY DYER (Community Relations) for assembling all the parts and creating the finished display, and ANNIE BUSCH (former Executive Director of Springfield-Greene County Library District) for sponsoring the new addition.

If you ever visit this incredible library, please ask the location of “my” conference room. Go there and enjoy yourself, but when you leave, be sure you dust and pick up. I’m pretty particular about how people treat the David Harrison Conference Room.

For the 3,519th time…

Hi everyone,

Today is my 3,519th post on this blog spot that Kathy Temean created for me in 2009. Bill Johnson at Highlight and others had urged me to get a website so I looked around for designers. The first note I sent to friends for recommendations was Ralph Fletcher. He, Ruth Culham, Rebecca Dotlich, Eileen Spinelli, and others gave me names and tips, and I eventually wound up going with Kathy. When Kathy completed my website, she said I needed a blog. I fought against it, lost, and here I sit, 3,519 posts later, saying for the 3,519th time, “Hi everyone.”

Today I look forward to a Zoom meeting with Kathleen O’Dell (Public Relations Director) and Stephanie Smallwood (acting Director of Children’s Services) at Springfield-Greene County Public Libraries to discuss what I’d like to do for a summer reading project with the district. I hope to do one or more videos providing tips about reading and writing poetry for the summer reading program. Perhaps I can use the videos for other programs elsewhere. I’m eager for the visit.

Yesterday, thanks to the expert direction of Marjorie Bicknell, Philadelphia Regional Rep for Dramatists Guild of America, Sandy Asher and I presenting our reading of JESSE AND GRACE. It was the first time a children’s work has been presented in the Footlights series. We drew a record number of registrations, for which we were grateful. For those of you who watched the performance, thank you! The event was recorded so before long we’ll be able to share it with teachers, librarians, and others who might be interested. More about that soon.

And the bullfrogs sang!

Hi everyone,

I woke up this morning still smiling about yesterday. I loved being with the kids at David Harrison and McBride Elementary schools and to top off the day with a party at The Library Center made the day perfect.

Judy Domeny was wonderful singing and entertaining us with “Frog Went a-Courting,” Jaime from Dickerson Park Zoo brought out a Fire-bellied Toad, an African Clawed Frog, and kept everyone engrossed in what she had to tell them, nearly thirty children entered the frog hopping contest, I read my new book, and we snacked on Pond Scum Punch and Buggy-Wuggy Cookies.

But the stars of the evening were the “Croakers” from Harrison Elementary who, under the direction of Amy Fetzer, performed perfectly my 4-voice poem, “Chorus of Four Frogs.”

Thanks to everyone who came and/or participated. It was a full room and we had to set up more chairs. Once again I am greatly indebted to the Springfield-Greene County Public Library District for providing such outstanding facilities for events like the one last night. Kathleen O’Dell (Public Relations Director) and Nancee Dahms-Stinson (Youth Services Coordinator) put in their regular work day and then spent the whole evening making everything work smoothly, from setting up to making punch to recording the Frog Chorus Singers. I’m always in awe of how hard they and the rest of the staff work to serve their many publics.

Even though the books won’t arrive at Barnes & Noble until tomorrow, I signed book plates last night and will be at the book store from 11:00-1:00 on Saturday to sign books. All in all, a great way to celebrate AND THE FROGS SING.