Peddling my wares

Hi everyone,

Years ago when Highlights for Children started its line of children books, Boyds Mills Press, the publisher, KENT BROWN, set up a table outside to show off copies of their very first titles. A young assistant editor told me she couldn’t believe that the publisher would peddle books like they were baskets of corn at a farmers’ market. As I recall, she quit her job.

What the young miss didn’t understand is that things created must be sold, be they work of art, music, or books. Most artists make little money from their efforts and must spend a lot of their time finding buyers for their products. In the case of writers, we attend conferences, visit schools, speak before local civic groups, remain active on social media, and sign in book stores.

Some writers are outgoing salesmen by nature. They are adept at hawking their wares and do it routinely. We may at times grow weary of their constant sales pitches, but we also tend to buy their books. Other, perhaps most, writers have quieter dispositions that makes it difficult to talk about themselves and develop smooth sales pitches about their books. It’s hard enough to submit their work to editors, much less brag about themselves and their work.

This week I need to focus on marketing. I’ve fallen behind in submitting some manuscripts that I like. I dread the process because it’s so time consuming and my hopes aren’t high for finally finding homes for them. They’re like leftovers in the refrigerator, still tasty but running out of time.

KATHY TEMEAN created this blog spot for me in 2009 and I’ve used it heavily all these years to talk about my work. It was made specifically for this purpose. If you grow weary of my nattering on about what I do, I apologize.

The new poster is up

Hi everyone,

While SANDY and I were in Florida, the new poster went up in the Harrison Conference Room at The Library Center in Springfield. I couldn’t wait to see it hanging on the wall so going to pay it a visit was one of the first things I did after we returned home.

The room was dedicated in 2003 when ANNIE BUSCH was Director of Springfield-Greene County Library District. The original poster was left on another wall and I love that one too.

This new poster, an update of my work over the past eighteen years, was guided by KATHLEEN O’DELL, created by DANNY DYER, and pattered after the front page of my website, created by web designer and manager KATHY TEMEAN. I think it’s beautiful and am very grateful to everyone who had a part in making this happen.

I asked Annie if she would meet me there and consent to having her picture taken with me at the new poster. It was she who personally sponsored this new addition to the room and I can’t thank her enough.

Won’t You Be My Valentine?

Hi everyone,

Photo by Nathan Papes, Springfield MO News-Leader

To one and all, everyday but especially this day, I wish you love. My thanks to KATHY TEMEAN for including a two-voice poem of mine on the subject of love in her blog today at and to TIM RASINSKI for including the poem in his Valentine Word Ladder post at

I’ve written many love poems but never one that might be called a Valentine poem. Except for this one, that appeared in a classroom book of partner poems. My partners on that book were Tim and GAY FAWCETT. I usual in such collaborations, I wrote the poems and the wonderful educators added their magic.  Here's the poem. It's called "Love You."

LOVE YOU, 2 voices

I love you.

I love you too.

I love you three.

I love you four.

I love you lots.

I love you more.

I love you first.

I love you longer.

I love you louder!!!

I love you STRONGER!

I do because I said it first.

I do because I said it last.

I do because I said it s-l-o-w.

I do because Isaiditfast.
I love you more than one hundred thousand million billion bags of sweets.

I love you more than two jillion trillion zillion quadrillion chocolate treats.

I love you everything under the sun.

I love you everything, plus one.

I love you more than I can measure.

 And I love you, my truelove treasure.

--© 2010 David L. Harrison,
from Partner Poems for Building Fluency,
Scholastic, Best Practices in Action

2nd post

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we were on the road when Kathy Temean’s feature of my new book, I WANT AN APPLE, was posted on her incredible blog. You can see it at

As always, Kathy’s features include the back story on how/when/why the book was published, plus information about the artist and how readers can get a chance for a free, signed copy of the book.

I hope you’ll click on over and leave a note. I appreciate Kathy for supporting my work as well as for the splendid job she did in creating and maintaining my blog.

Good to the last drop

Hi everyone,

We had a great weekend from start to finish and want to thank you all for sending anniversary wishes. We read and relished each one. They really meant a lot to us and added so much to the pleasure of the occasion. We topped it off with a good visit with Robin and Tim to see the new roof on their back deck (thank you, Tim, for the take-home sliders for lunch today) and capped it all with champagne (thank you, Jeff and Jennifer) poolside enjoying the night sounds and views of Goose Lake.

Now to work and a busy week. On Tuesday, Kathy Temean features THE DIRT BOOK on her wonderful blog. On Wednesday, Laura Robb, Tim Rasinski, and I have a Zoom meeting with our editors at Teacher Created Materials about the new book we’re about to start with them. And on Thursday a short piece I wrote about why children should write poetry will be posted on the Springfield-Greene County Public Library blog.

Meanwhile, it’s time to polish the first twelve poems for the Tim Rasinski-Mary Jo Fresch collaboration for Corwin and get in another lick or two on a trade book proposal I’m hot to finish. On we march.