Bryn Strudwick has a new book out!

Hi everyone,

One of our wittiest and most frequent to share work on my blog is our British poet, Bryn Strudwick. Bryn is a man of many talents, acting among them. Some of you will remember that I recently posted a link to a film titled, “Uninspiring Moments,” in which he co-starred. Here’s that link again.

Well, now we have a book of poems by Bryn and it’s called, LAUGH?…I WISH YOU WOULD, a collection of humorous verse. It is initially available as an e-book through Amazon. All the proceeds will go to the local hospice where Bryn lives in Basingstoke, England. Here is the link

My congratulations to you, Bryn, and I’m hardly surprised by your generosity in using your writing talent to help fund hospice services in your area. So happy to have you drop over now and then to share your thoughts and latest writing efforts. Good luck with the new book!