Off to a good start

Hi everyone,

First of all, I have no idea how “Remembering Dr. Bond” managed to become the title when I started this post yesterday. I didn’t put it there. Laura was my biology professor and advisor at Drury University and I have wonderful memories of her. She guided me toward Emory University for my graduate work in parasitology. She also managed to pull strings to get me into a Drury writing class — my one and only as a student there — although I lacked the prerequisites needed for the course. Dr. Bond changed my life in important ways and I have written about her in the past.

But for this post I started to say that I’d just checked A PLACE TO START A FAMILY on and was delighted to see that it’s already ranked 599 in zoology for children. It doesn’t come out until January 16 so I want to thank you for ordering copies early. I hope enough people will order and qualify to post their thoughts about the book that I’ll have a good pool of names from which to draw a winner for the free autographed copy.

In the meantime, let’s see those CAT poems on Word of the Month. I know we have a lot of cat lovers among us so let’s hear from you!


Change of pace

Hi everyone,

I’ve had my 15 minutes and have loved all your warm and supportive comments. I’m grateful to all.

Now let’s talk about beauty. Here are a few shots of plants around our yard. Back in 1958 or so I took a botony course from Dr. Laura Bond, who was also my biology advisor at Drury. IMAG1487

We followed Dr. Bond around the campus like so many ducklings as she pointed out the multitude of plants that flourished there. I paid scant attention. At the time I was far more interested in fauna than flora.IMAG1490 I still love animals but these days I wish I had paid more attention to plants. Today I think they are fascinating.IMAG1491