Hi everyone,

I recently showed you this picture of Marshall, who is three years old and likes a book I wrote in 1973. It was his father Paul’s favorite book when he was a little boy too. Paul sent his son’s picture and said “Whenever I or my parents see a tow truck being towed, we cheerfully say, ‘Tow trucks tow tow trucks.’ We also tend to mention “crafty criminals and crooks” whenever we see an armored truck.”

Paul grew up to become a technical writer. His mother Nancy smilingly says she’s sure that all those times she read to her son when he was a little boy had something to do with it. She sent me the book so I could sign it and send it back to Marshall. It isn’t often I get to hold a copy of a book that has been shared by two generations. I asked Sandy to take my picture before it went out in today’s mail on its way back to Marshall in California.