LET’S WRITE for graduate credit

Hi everyone,

My new DVD series, LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON is being officially introduced this weekend at International Reading Association’s annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. I don’t know how many will attend this year’s event but it will be well over 10,000 from the U.S. and numerous other countries.
David and Laurie
I’ve posted about this kit before but I’d like to emphasize that a college graduate course is now available based on the DVDs, teachers’ guide book, and concept.

Dr. Lauren Edmondson, my co-author for the guide book and student writing journal, will teach the online course and can be reached for further information at this address: ledmondson@drury.edu  . Laurie is also the Interim Director of the School of Education and Child Development at Drury University.

She and I worked together to create this class to appeal to teachers who want to enhance their skills for teaching writing to students in grades approximately 3-5. In districts where the kits are provided to elementary teachers, the class is a special opportunity to put LET’S WRITE to work. Laurie is ready and eager to hear from anyone who wants to know more about this unique course. Please pass this information along to others who might like to take a graduate course based on my forty years of work with students combined with Laurie’s many years of experience teaching in the classroom and teaching teachers to prepare for the classroom.


The launch party

Hi everyone,
David and Laurie
Writing partner Laurie Edmondson and I enjoyed the launch party on Thursday of our new kit, LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON. Here are a few pics from the party. Lots of people came so we had plenty of opportunities to show off the new DVDs, teacher guide, student writing journal, and three trade books used as examples for some of the lessons. We go national on the 19th at IRA in San Antonio but I bet it won’t be any more fun than we had at Drury on Thursday.
Kit on display 2Digging in
I’m grateful to Drury University, especially President Todd Parnell and former Director of the School of Education and Child Development Chris Craig for their encouragement and support throughout the project. The university provided the studio and financed the production of the DVDs and Brian Shipman used his considerable talents to produce and direct them.
David giving brief remarksExplaining the kit to a teacher
This is a project I began as Drury’s Poet Laureate and I’m pleased to say that it reflects a true collaboration involving the university, co-author and interim Director of the School of Education and Child Development Laurie Edmondson, and me. There’s even an online graduate course offered to those who wish to take LET’S WRITE for credit. One teacher has already written about LET’S WRITE as part of her master’s program.

Many others gave valuable assistance along the way, particularly technology expert Damon Hargraves who developed the prototype for the DVD format we eventually selected.
David and Charles Taylor
Now comes the hard part: getting out the word to elementary schools across the country that we have a unique teaching tool to help students develop their writing skills. We’re ready when everyone else is! Here’s the contact information for anyone who wants to learn more and/or place an order.

Stourbridge Distributors
812 Court Street
Honesdale, PA 18431


You’re invited to a launch party

Hi everyone,

Some of you live thousands of miles away but some live close enough that you might consider dropping by. Here’s the invitation that went out today for our launch party for LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON.


Where? Drury’s Lay Hall

When? Thursday, April 11, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

What? Read on!

Invitation to Book Launch

David Harrison and Laurie Edmondson invite you to our launch party for a unique new teaching tool: LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON.

A two-year collaboration involving David (Drury’s poet laureate), Laurie (Interim Director of the School of Education and Child Development), and Drury has resulted in the educational kit we’re celebrating.

The kit includes twenty DVD sessions, produced by Brian Shipman, of David presenting writing tips to grade school students. These are practical tips based on more than forty years of working with students and teachers in classrooms across the country. Laurie and David wrote a teachers’ guide and student writing journal that support the DVD lessons. These tools stimulate interest in topics that include finding ideas, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and rewriting. Laurie will also teach an online graduate course for teachers who decide to take LET’S WRITE for credit.

LET’S WRITE will be introduced at the International Reading Association’s annual conference in San Antonio beginning April 19. Our publisher’s goal is to begin at once to place the kit into elementary schools in the United States and abroad, particularly in grades 3-5. In her foreword to the book, Ruth Culham (of 6 +1 Traits of Writing fame) says, “There is nothing else like it in today’s teaching world – featuring tips, lessons, and ideas galore.” Laura Robb writes, “This is a must-have series . . . for teachers and students!”

Please help us celebrate the launching of this exciting, one-of-a-kind product! If you think of others we should invite, please let us know or share this information with them. We’ll show you the elements of the kit, play some the DVD sessions, and respond to questions about the kit, how to use it, and how to acquire it. We’ve had fun making LET’S WRITE. Now it’s time to have fun introducing it to the Springfield area.

Please mark your calendar now and plan to join us!

David and Laurie

New titles out this spring

Hi everyone,

The annual International Reading Association Conference is three weeks away. Here are my new titles that will be introduced at the conference. I didn’t start all of these at the same time. They just happened to come together in a bunch.

From Holiday House, a picture book: A PERFECT HOME FOR A FAMILY, beautifully illustrated by Roberta Angaramo.
A Perfect Home for a FamilyFrom Phoenix Learning Resources/Stourbridge: LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON. The Teacher Guide and Student Writing Journal were co-authored with Laurie Edmondson at Drury University.The kit also includes twenty 5-minute video sessions of me offering writing tips to students plus a set of three of my trade books used in the lessons.Lets Write Teacher GuideLets Write Journal.jpgLearning through Poetry - Consonant Blends.jpg From Shell Education/Teacher Created Materials/IRA: a set of five books titled LEARNING THROUGH POETRY. This was co-authored with Mary Jo Fresch at Ohio State University. Each book includes a CD containing the poems I wrote for that subject and recorded with Mary Jo. In all there are 96 poems.Learning through Poetry - Short Vowels.jpgLearning through Poetry - Rimes.jpgLearning through Poetry - Long Vowels.jpgLearning through Poetry - Consonants.jpgThis year’s conference is in San Antonio, one of my favorite cities.I hope to see some of you there.


Excited about two new projects

David publicity photo

Hi, everyone,

Thanks for your comments about the poems from the upcoming series, LEARNING THROUGH POETRY. They were a pleasure to write and I loved working with Mary Jo Fresch.
The other series I’ve been mentioning, LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON, is due from the printers today so I hope to see a kit next week. To do the DVDs I was in a production studio speaking from scripts that I wrote for twenty 5-minute presentations about writing. The categories are divided into five sections: getting started, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and revising. Each section includes four tips. Teachers can bring up tips that fit the unit they are currently teaching and the DVD segment can be used to set up the week’s work or simply supplement that day’s lesson plan.
Laurie Edmondson

The teacher guide for the series includes a page on each tip addressed to the teacher to further explain and expand the idea. Laurie Edmondson (another delightful partner!) explains what research says and how the lesson ties into the Common Core State Standards. She also provides classroom activities and something to send home to encourage parents to support their student’s efforts. Accompanying the teacher’s guide is a student writing journal that provides plenty of space for students to follow up on each tip. Here’s the poetry section from the Table of Contents. Each section is arranged in the same sequence.

Chapter Two – Poetry
Why Study Poetry?
What Does the Research Say?
What Common Core State Standards Correlate with This Topic?
Example: Farmer’s Dog Goes to the Forest
Writing Tip 1: What is Poetry?
Student Activities
Links to Writing Journal
Home Connection Activities
Writing Tip 2: Not All Poems are Alike
Student Activities
Links to Writing Journal
Home Connection Activities
Writing Tip 3: Partner Poems
Student Activities
Links to Writing Journal
Home Connection Activities
Writing Tip 4: Pick a Theme
Student Activities
Links to Writing Journal
Home Connection Activities

Both of these projects will be introduced at IRA in San Antonio and I look forward to being there to meet, explain, and sign copies. LEARNING THROUGH POETRY is published by Shell Education and co-branded by International Reading Association. LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON is published by Phoenix Learning Resources.