And here’s the video I was looking for

Hi everyone,

I made this for Halloween last year but see no reason not to pull it out of YouTube land for another season.

The dim lighting is intentional. For best results, turn up your volume. If you know any young Shakespeare lovers, DOUBLE, DOUBLE, TOIL AND TROUBLE should cure them.

Facing a blank piece of paper

Hi everyone,

This will be an interesting day. I’m waiting for responses from more than half a dozen editors about various projects in progress or new proposals. My filing is done, or at least enough that I can quit for now. My records are caught up to date. The only reason I have to leave the house today is to hit the gym at 4:30.

I have choices. I can take a holiday from work and spend the day reading. I can get on with my Christmas shopping. Or I can get into a face-off with a blank sheet of paper and stick with it until my muse whispers in my ear. If I do that, I know some tricks that will give me an edge. For one, there’s always my standby: association. Start with a word and let the mind wander from one connection to another until something clicks. I might look at the lake for a while, watching the action (yesterday a heron flew to the top of a tall tree on the far bank) until I’m inspired by what I see. I could go dumpster diving into my files after some of those beginnings and notes and outlines that I found in folders tucked here and there.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how I spent my day.

By the way, I checked this morning on the number of times my Macbeth video has been visited: 499. Here’s the link again.

The spirits have returned to my hummingbird feeder

BULLLETIN: Here’s the link for this evening’s GOOGLE HANGOUT WITH RUTH CULHAM AND FRIENDS. Hope you can join us.


Hi everyone,

A year ago I showed you our hummingbird feeder hanging in a maple tree in the back yard, glowing in the morning sun in a most suspicious manner! After all, this IS the season for haints and such and the feeder had never glowed like that before.

Another year has passed and yesterday the feeder was once again moved by the spirit of the season to take on an eerie glow. I leave it to you to decide the cause, but as for me I think my witch at the crock pot has sent out the call, and they are coming!

Happy Halloween Season!

Double, double toil and trouble

BULLETIN: I’m delighted to report that Springfield News-Leader has picked up my video for their online edition. My thanks to Sony Hocklander for making it happen.

Hi everyone,

Many of you saw this yesterday when Jeff posted my video on YouTube. I was on Facebook and I sent notices to several people. Here’s the link in case you haven’t seen it yet and have an interest.

I wrote the poem last month and posted it on September 7, Two days ago I was in the coat closet and found on the shelf a witch hat complete with long black hair at the back. I have no idea why, when, or where we got it and neither does Sandy. All I know is that the hat made me think of my recent take off on Macbeth and the combination was too tempting to pass up.

Yesterday I borrowed a black shawl from Sandy, donned a black shirt buttoned to the neck and set out to make a video. After moving furniture and trying a couple of rooms looking for a good background I finally settled on sitting here at my desk but with all the lights off. I printed the poem in four sections and pasted each to a 4 x 6 card that could rest on my keyboard. And then the fun began.

On the 22nd take, I had a video. Easy! Jeff took it from there to post on YouTube. I consulted with Renee about when to post this and she suggested waiting until Monday. That way it could be up all week and then link to Poetry Friday. It seemed like the sensible thing to do. The the old instant gratification thing overcame me (along with equally fun advice from other friends) and I went ahead yesterday. That means I can’t do Poetry Friday next week but maybe I can do it this week anyway.

Without further ado, here’s the video. If you like it, I hope you’ll share with others. I can’t cackle like this just every day you know.