Goo foffing news

ANNOUNCEMENT: Today is Sandy’s birthday!!

Hi everyone,

The search is on for an artist for my next book of poems from Boyds Mills. Just got the word yesterday. No pub date yet but I’m delighted to reach this point. The subject is animals that roam after dark so the artist will need to render realistic depictions to meet science classroom teaching requirements. The poems are all finished now but I have a couple of weeks of work on end notes for each poem. I can’t do much from here but look forward to getting back into this project next week.

David reading with Noah Lawson

Also yesterday I learned that the education book I’m doing with Mary Jo Fresch for Scholastic is now set to come out late this year instead of early 2018. It should be out in time for NCTE in November so I can sign copies when I’m there.

A good Monday

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Mary Jo Fresch and I placed an article with the Missouri Reader for the Fall 2017 issue. We also moved a step closer to finishing the book with Scholastic. Mostly all it needs now is to tidy up teacher and student input. Our editor plans to start some early buzz before much longer so that was good news too.

I spent the day making small changes in the desert story and finished just at 6:00. Today I start again on page one and do it again. This will be my final time through so when I complete this one I’ll be ready to send it away. I’m really happy about that!

Back to work

Hi everyone,

Back to work. I think I’ll spend today in the desert. I’m getting much closer on that one and would like to wrap it up in the next week or so. I have a couple of new ideas, one for nonfiction, one for poetry, that I’m eager to start, but first I’d like to get out of the desert. Mary Jo Fresch and I are on the brink of sending off our manuscript for classroom teachers so that will feel good too. I also need to finish an interview for a journal in Colorado and sketch some notes for the article this fall in another journal. That ought to keep me off the streets for a while.

Hope you all have a good day,


I’m feeling retoaded

Hi everyone,

As Jane Yolen and I pointed out, the past few days have made it tough to be a toad around here. We’ve now registered over eight inches of rain in the past week so that adds to the mix. But moving on . . .

It took all week but yesterday afternoon I finished my last of five poems for the collection I’m doing with two other poets. I still have the end notes to attend to, but that won’t take more than three days, I hope. Standing by is the need to finish editing the poetry chapter I’m doing for CHILDREN’S LITERATURE IN THE READING PROGRAM while also getting back to work on the Scholastic book with Mary Jo Fresch and deciding what my subject will be for an article I’ve promised to write for a state reading journal. When I can, I want to get back to the middle grade novel that is all but finished. May should be a busy but good month.

Ruff Ruff!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday afternoon it was a pleasure to visit Dawn Licata and her 2nd grade class at David Harrison Elementary School. Dawn is one of the teachers around the country who volunteered to introduce students to classroom activities suggested in the book I’m co-writing with Mary Jo Fresch.

I’m SO pleased to have a Springfield school represented in the book and naturally I’m especially delighted that it will be someone from Harrison Elementary. While I was there Dawn showed me some of the work that her kids have done. I loved it.

I read for a while to Dawn’s students and answered questions. As I was leaving, one boy handed me a letter he had written and illustrated just for me. He thanked me for all the “great books (I) have made to the world” and concluded that I “should be in history.” I liked the first part and appreciated the spirit of the second, but honestly I don’t feel quite ready to be history.