NCTE schedule

Hi everyone,

Sandy Asher would like for you know about an event coming up that might be of interest to you. Here’s the scoop. . I know Sandy (and who doesn’t) so we know this will be a great event or she wouldn’t be involved in it. If you have questions, contact Lindsay Bandy

On other matters, my schedule is now in place for NCTE this fall in St. Louis. On Friday, November 17, Mary Jo Fresch and I will make a one hour fifteen minute presentation about how to prepare students to research their subject before writing about it. Immediately following, we’ll sign our new Scholastic book, which will be out just in time for the conference, 7 KEYS TO RESEARCH FOR WRITING SUCCESS. Here’s a look at the cover.
7 Keys_cov_tf-rev
On Saturday I’ll sign copies of NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T at the Charlesbridge booth from 11:00 – 12:00 then go to the Authors’ Luncheon from 12:30 – 2:15. I’m not speaking at that event but I’ll be at a sponsored table (Thanks Charlesbridge!) with free books for ticketed guests who join me for lunch. NOW YOU SEE THEM is one of NCTE’s picks this year for Notable Books of Poetry for Children. My next title with Charlesbridge, A PLACE TO START A FAMILY, won’t be out yet but promotional pieces will be available. The pub date is January 6.


Bring it on

Hi everyone,

This promises to be a good week. Jane Yolen and I are into a new book so I’ll work on that. Wyatt Townley (former Kansas Poet Laureate) and I are thinking through the possibility of doing something together so I’ll work on that. Mary Jo Fresch and I are into the final tweaks before our book goes to the printer so I’ll work on that.


I need to provide manuscripts and other information to my agent so I’ll work on that. And I hope to get a yes from an editor who wants a manuscript I have with her. It will be a busy week with lots of work and few interruptions. I’m buckling in.


It was some day

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was a good day. I pulled back a story that had been stuck with an editor for more than ten months and sent it to someone else. She responded in sixteen minutes that she likes it and will take it to committee. In a seven minute period I heard from that editor plus two colleagues, Tim Rasinski and Mary Jo Fresch, on separate book projects that we’re starting. Now both of those future books (fingers crossed) are moving along into the proposal stage. This all happened by 8:00 a.m. What a strange business. In the last few days I’ve placed one book for sure, three others with strong probability, and started two more. Just when I was about out of something to do — remember last week when I got up without a task? — now I’m full boat with projects to attend to.

Yesterday I also stopped what I was doing long enough to comply with a request from my editor at Boyds Mills Press who needed all my research notes/resources for a book of nonfiction poems scheduled for 2019. I pulled them together — all 74 pages, 25,500 words — and sent them to her.

The afternoon news was of a different sort. I received an e-mail from Boyds Mills Press informing me that due to a change in distributors twelve of my old titles are being taken out of the line. Boom. Like that. So if you have ever wanted a copy of any of the following titles, here’s your notice.
Farmer’s Dog Goes to The Forest
Farmer’s Garden (p)
Somebody Catch My Homework (p)
Pirates (p)
Piggy Wiglet…Great Adventure
Connecting Dots
Vacation: We’re Going to the Ocean

At the risk of sounding redundant, it’s a strange business we’re in.

Every book starts with a “what if”

ANNOUNCEMENT: Kathy Temean is featuring Giles Laroche today on her blog at . I hope you’ll go check it out. Giles is the artist-half of NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T and A PLACE TO START A FAMILY. He gives a good, thoughtful interview.

Hi everyone,

My good friend and colleague Mary Jo Fresch had one of those “what if” moments yesterday that could lead to another collaboration for the education market. I love working with her and hope this will lead to our 7th book together.

Mary Jo and Hank and Sandy and I will be on a trip together next month but I’m guessing we won’t get much writing done then. Can’t even cross the trip off to research. But maybe we’ll sneak-talk about a book while we’re together.

Here’s a poem that sprang from one of our earlier efforts.

Need a Bigger Tank

I put two guppies
in a tank.

One was Bob.
One was Frank.

One of them played
a little prank.

Bob’s a girl
or else it’s Frank.

(C) 2013 by David L. Harrison
Short Vowels
Shell Education

Goo foffing news

ANNOUNCEMENT: Today is Sandy’s birthday!!

Hi everyone,

The search is on for an artist for my next book of poems from Boyds Mills. Just got the word yesterday. No pub date yet but I’m delighted to reach this point. The subject is animals that roam after dark so the artist will need to render realistic depictions to meet science classroom teaching requirements. The poems are all finished now but I have a couple of weeks of work on end notes for each poem. I can’t do much from here but look forward to getting back into this project next week.

David reading with Noah Lawson

Also yesterday I learned that the education book I’m doing with Mary Jo Fresch for Scholastic is now set to come out late this year instead of early 2018. It should be out in time for NCTE in November so I can sign copies when I’m there.