Coming up in July

Hi everyone,
David publicity photo
July promises to be a good month. I’ll celebrate the 4th with Jeff and Jennifer Harrison plus Robin and grandson Kris Williams; Sandy and my friend Larry Wakefield have birthdays; I’ll be presenting and reading poetry at International Literacy Association (which meets in Missouri for the first time); our friends Mary Jo and Hank Fresch will be our guests for a few days; Laura Robb and I have a dinner date when she comes to Springfield; and I’m having a David Harrison event at The Library Center on South Campbell.

The Harrison evening will be held from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 23 and I hope those of you who live in the area can come to it. I’m dividing it into three segments of roughly thirty minutes each. I’ll do some reading and talking for one of them. The Byron Biggers Band will perform for a second part and the third will feature members of RAE (Resident Artist Ensemble) performing my work.

For those of you unfamiliar with Byron Biggers Band, it’s comprised of Dr. Chris Craig, Associate Provost for Missouri State University on guitar and lead vocal; Gale Clithero, mathematics teacher, on percussion and vocals; and me. I sort of perform, sort of sing. We came together several years ago and usually perform a couple of times a year. We made a CD once but lost it. What we perform are my poems that Chris has set to music. We do have a fine time.

RAE is a group of extremely gifted equity actors that has performed my stories and poems on several occasions and audiences adore them. At this time we know that Sarah Wiggin and Michael Frizzel (both with numerous stage credits) will be among the five who will be there. Others will be announced soon. Every time I hear my words brought to life by these professional actors, I simply cannot stop smiling. You haven’t ever heard WHEN COWS COME HOME until you’ve heard from them.

There you have it. Please come if you can. We’ll have a lot of fun and The Library Center is a wonderful place for such an event. Tell friends of all ages about it. It will definitely be kid friendly, no matter how old a kid you happen to be.