The best of Today’s Little Ditty

Hi everyone,

Yesterday’s mail brought my copy of Michelle Heidenrich Barnes’ latest anthology, THE BEST OF TODAY’S LITTLE DITTY, 2016. I’m very pleased to be included in this handsome collection of seventy-five poems. To Michelle go my thanks and congratulations for assembling so many good poems by fifty poets. I’ve started through the book reading each poem in turn but don’t want to rush the pleasure. I’ll probably settle for a few a day.

What’s on your plate today?

Hi everyone,

20160209_061315_resized Looks like a nice day coming up although the high might not reach 50. Coffee’s good. Fireplace is lit. I’m imagining the faces of many of you whom I know, bent over your phones and keyboards, cranking up your own days. How will you spend today?

This morning I’ll finish judging a group of essays and work on my “ditty” poem for Michelle Barnes. Have you tried one yet? I have a couple of other projects in the schedule so I’ll do my best to get to at least one.

It’s not Goose Lake but . . .

Hi everyone,

Don’t forget to write a ditty poem to post on Michelle Barnes’s blog. I haven’t posted mine yet but am working on it in my head.
After a rainy first day we’ve had several sunny, cool days. I start my mornings at the dining room table and set in to work as the dark fades to early light. 20160204_150037_resized
My work schedule here is short but I get in six hours or so. We break mid-morning for a visit to the gym but the phone doesn’t ring and there aren’t any meetings.

Thanks to Michelle Barnes for interview and poetry challenge

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Michelle Barnes posted an interview and I invited you to visit her on her blog:
Michelle Barnes
What I didn’t mention is that Michelle asks her guests to suggest a poetry prompt and I chose Word of the Month Poetry Challenge for my model. Michelle calls her series “Today’s Little Ditty” so I chose DITTY for my prompt word.

SO! Throughout this month poets who accept the challenge can post poems inspired by DITTY and I expect an interesting assortment of interpretations. I hope you are among them. There will also be a drawing for a copy of NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T. See Michelle’s post for instructions.

Thanks to all,