Letters About Literature

Hi everyone,

This Saturday I’m going to do something that I will greatly enjoy. I’ll speak in Warrensburg to Missouri’s 2015-16 winners of the LETTERS ABOUT LITERATURE contest, which is promoted by Center for the Book in the Library of Congress.

Letters About Literature is a reading and writing contest for students in grades 4-12. Students are asked to read a book, poem or speech and write to the author (living or dead) about how the book affected them personally. Letters are judged on state and national levels. Tens of thousands of students from across the country enter Letters About Literature each year.

I love the idea! It encourages students to think about a favorite author, read a book by that person, consider in what ways its message seems important to the student, and write a letter expressing his/her feelings. I’m eager to meet this year’s winners and congratulate them and their families. This is not a small thing!

The Missouri Center for the Book reception

Hi everyone,
My thanks to Missouri Center for the Book board and to Naomi Williamson in particular for planning and hosting a wonderful reception yesterday in Warrensburg. The event was to recognize my book, PIRATES, which was selected this year to represent Missouri at the National Book Fair.
As part of the celebration, PIRATES artist Dan Burr was flown in from Idaho. As if that weren’t enough, our friends Larry and Maryann Wakefield made the trek with us and Cheryl Harness and Vicki Grove drove in to join the festivities. AND, when I walked in the first thing I saw was a large glassed-in case that contained each and every one of my 89 books listed on my website!
Cathy Clear somehow managed to find every book that wasn’t already in the university’s collection. How she did it I don’t know. What I do know is that I was speechless when I saw her handiwork.

Pirates, argh!

Hi everyone,
I’m pleased that PIRATES has been selected by Missouri Center for the Book to represent Missouri this year at the National Book Fair in Washington D.C. I read that about 200,000 people attend the event. I don’t plan to go but my book will be there and I’m happy about that.

It won’t hurt my feelings if you decide to get a copy. Promise.