National Court Your Muse Day

Hi everyone,

I’m glad to say that Word of the Month is still going strong more then six years after it began. No plans to discontinue it.

However, now and then I invite others with good prompts to pay us a visit and challenge us. Pat Lewis has been here several times, which reminds me that I need to invite him again.

Many of you are familiar with dozens of other blog spots. Sadly, I almost never pay the courtesy of visiting other sites. It’s a failing of mine and didn’t even make it into the Top 10 Resolutions for improvement. My strong habit is to attend to my own post and then plunge directly into work.

So you can be my eyes and ears on this one. Who else is out there challenging poets with stimulating prompts? Maybe I can invite them to do a guest spot here. With your help, we should explore other ways to court our muses. I hereby declare this 9th day of January to be NATIONAL COURT YOUR MUSE DAY. It’s high time we recognized them for their hard work on our behalf!

By the way, is your muse female, male, or more like Tinker Bell?