My most unique Christmas gift ever

Hi everyone,

The most unique gift I received for Christmas is an ink painting about ME! It was done by gifted artist, Olga Shute, whom we know as Josie, soulmate of our grandson, Tyler Williams. The name of the painting is STORY TELLER.

Josie says she consulted my blog, scanned Internet postings, and asked Robin and Jeff about my habits and preferences. Her goal was to show me, the story teller, lover of nature, reporter about what I see to entertain and inform young readers. I could not have been more surprised or honored when she presented the painting on Christmas Eve.

I keep finding something new each time I look. The first discovery was Sandy-the-pixie, seated on a stack of books, positioned to whisper in my ear. There are the books, of course. A turtle. A giraffe with a cookie. A snake, apparently a bit blotto after finding my vodka stash. Lots and lots of butterflies and other insects. The more you look, the more you find. At the bottom I discovered my recent Laura Ingalls Wilder award. I see grass, roots, stars, the moon, water, a magic kingdom in the distance. And cake. I just found the piece of cake, chocolate no doubt.

For Christmas this year I had a hard time thinking of anything to ask for. And then I got this. There really is a Santa Claus.