Gamble’s new website

Hi everyone,

Now and then in conversations the fact comes up that my wife Sandy and I own a gift store. Yup. Bought it in 1985 so we’ve been business partners for twenty-seven years. How about that! The name of the store is Gamble’s because Franklyn Gamble named it for himself when he opened the doors back in the mid-50s.

Our main product lines include Waterford Crystal, Lladro porcelain sculptures, Dept. 56 lighted cottages, bath & body, jewelry, handbags, and tabletop.

One aspect of owning a gift store is that you need to go to gift markets to buy new wares. Sandy, our store manager Mary Carnett, and I will head for Dallas in about ten days for one the biggest markets. We also shop at the Atlanta market and the New York City market. There are others but we can’t go to all of them even though we do like the one in San Francisco.

Our latest venture is to have a website developed to help us reach a wider audience. I’ve been sharing the link with our e-mail base of customers who like to be notified when we have something special to talk about. This morning it occurs to me that this is my blog and I haven’t mentioned the website here yet.

So here’s the link. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Swimming into the picture

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THANKS to Jane Kurtz for being my Featured Guest last Friday. If you missed her fascinating story, scroll down and enjoy!

Hi everyone,

My friend Paula Graham
is a talented writer and artist. Here’s a picture of her catching a big one. Says Paula, “I snagged a plastic bag filled with sand. Guess the universe wanted me to help clean up the ocean and leave the fish alone.”

She recently invited me to participate in an event where she lives in Oxford, Pennsylvania in which artists and poets were combining their talents to create an exhibit at the museum. Our submission was juried into the Oxford Arts Alliance Gallery show.

Paula sent me a picture of her painting of fish and I wrote a poem inspired by her work. The exhibit was highlighted by a party last week where all the art was admired and all the poems were read aloud.

With Paula’s permission, I’m posting a copy today of her work and my poem.

by David L. Harrison

Lean down,
the satin line
that separates us from

them, dwellers of the blue world,
slender darts suspended
earth and sky

where I, were I able,
might choose now and then
to plunge in and exchange
friendly bubbles
of fishy gossip.