With thanks to Hollie and Tammy

Hi everyone,

Sometime back I shared that I was interviewed by Hollie D’Agata and Tammy Brown for Pennsylvania Reads, the journal published by Keystone State Literacy Association. Yesterday Hollie told me the piece is now available on the KSLA website at https://ksla.wildapricot.org/PA-Reads-Journal . I’m honored to be in it and grateful to Hollie and Tammy. Our conversation predated the publication of this year’s titles so we chatted about other things. It’s pretty long so we’ll still be friends if you don’t read all of it (or skip it completely). Not as good of friends, of course, but still friends. (:>

Pennsylvania Reads

Hi everyone,

I’m grateful to Hollie D’Agata and Tammy Brown for interviewing me for this new issue of PENNSYLVANIA READS, Journal of the Keystone State Literary Association. Last December they called from Marywood University and we talked more than an hour.

Yesterday I received a copy of the just-out journal, Volume 19, Number 1, Fall 2020, and am delighted to see the 6+ page interview included. My thanks to Hollie, Tammy, and the whole editorial staff for hosting me in their journal.

Do I really talk like that?

Hi everyone,

This weekend I’m reading over the script of a one-hour ZOOM interview this past December with Hollie D’Agata and Tammy Brown, co-editors of Pennsylvania Reads , the journal of the Keystone State Literacy Association. The interview will be in their fall issue.

It was a relaxed, pleasant interview with a lot of laughter. I’ve been looking forward to seeing how it looks in print. What I discovered is that I overused two pet words excessively: “well” and “so.” I told the editors that if I delete those two words wherever they appear, it will cut the length of the interview by 34.8%. I could be off a little one way or another.

Well, I love to tell a story so here’s the thing. When you turn me loose, well, the words just start rolling out so before you know it, well, a simple question turns into another story and so there doesn’t seem to be a beginning or end to it. So that’s how it goes when you interview me. Well, what else can I say? (:>