Over at Penny Parker Klostermann’s blog . . .

Hi everyone,

Today Penny Parker Klostermann is featuring a beautiful photograph taken by my son Jeff Harrison. He was sitting alone on a dock on the Nehalem River along Oregon’s west coast when he snapped this one. By day Jeff is a computer consultant, unless KU is playing. Then he’s watching the game and yelling things like Rock Chalk. He’s a great consultant but Sandy and I think he missed his calling and should have taken up photography. This is a good example of his work. I saw the picture, loved it, and wrote a poem to accompany it.

Penny has a new series featuring collaborative efforts by mixed generations and she was kind enough to choose us for her blog spot today. Here’s the link if you’d like to go pay a visit. It’s a neat idea and I’m sure that Penny will have a lot of fun with it. http://pennyklostermann.com/blog-a-penny-and-her-jots

Thanks, Penny. Way to go, Jeff!