Off to Orlando

Hi everyone,

Today is a travel day. I leave this morning for IRA and am looking forward to seeing many friends there. Tomorrow I’ll participate in an all day institute called TEACHING READING THROUGH POETRY: THE PHONICS, FLUENCY, COMPREHENSION, AND MOTIVATION CONNECTION. This event will be co-chaired by Tim Rasinski and Alicia McCartney

Topic titles are, “How to turn Kids Into Poetry Readers (and Writers) (by making it fun!);” “Why Poetry to Teach Phonics?” “Why Poetry to Teach Reading Fluency?” “Poems for Multiple Voices — Performing and Writing;” “Poetry from the Voice of the Child;” “What Do You Do When Kids Memorize Their Poems?” “Putting Poetry at the Heart of the Classroom;” and “Putting it All Together: How Poetry Fits into the Whole Reading Curriculum.” I’ll try to take good notes and share some highlights when I get back to work.

My thanks to all the outstanding people who have appeared as my Featured Guests in recent weeks. When I have more time, I’ll repost their pictures and give links to their appearances. For now I’ll be content to list their names and the dates they were my guests. You can find them this way but I’ll try to make it easier later.

March 25, Hans Wilhelm
April 1, Kelly Milner Halls
April 8, Robin Brickman
April 15, Janet Wong
April 22, Jane Kurtz
April 29, Lois Ruby
May 6, Jean Stringam

A number of people are at work on their articles or responses so the coming weeks will certainly carry on the tradition.

Don’t forget, the word of the month is PROMISE.


Apologies to Robin Brickman!

Hi everyone,

I’m home –tired, fat, and happy from living the good life for the past ten days. But in my haste to get away, I pre-posted a number of days and made at least one terrible mistake that I know of so far.

Robin Brickman, I am so sorry to feature you as my honored guest and then mangle your last name! No excuse. Just red-faced apologies. Tomorrow when I can keep my eyes open, I’ll go back over the other days while I was gone to see if there were other goofs. Thanks, Jane, for pointing our the error in spelling Robin’s name. Sigh.

I may add more to this post during Saturday but I couldn’t go to bed without apologizing to Robin!