Scribbles Newsletter is out and…

Hi everyone,

The summer issue of the KS/MO SCBWI Scribbles Newsletter just came out. If you are a member, you can go to it and log in. I always enjoy reading Scribbles but I especially like this issue because it carries an article/interview by Jess Townes, co-regional advisor, about Constance Levy and me and our careers as poets.

This began when I wondered if there was another children’s poet in Missouri other than my friend Connie Levy in St. Louis. I know there are other writers who write poems for magazines and other outlets. Cheryl Harness, Independence, sometime adds spice to my blog posts with one of her deliciously clever efforts, but if you go online looking for other Missouri poets who have written books of poems published by traditional means, well, I couldn’t find any. Neither could Connie. Neither could several others we asked who are involved in children’s literature circles. We expanded the quest to Kansas. No better luck.

I hope we’ve simply overlooked other children’s poets in Kansas and Missouri who meet the criterion of having at least one book of their poems published. If you know of any, please let me know. Some time ago I did a similar search and came up emptyhanded. I found some rhyming picture books, but in most cases a story told in rhyme is not the same thing as a book of poems. Anyway, Jess Townes found the subject of MO/KS poets for young people interesting enough to write about, for which Connie and I are grateful.