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I thank Carol-Ann Hoyte for telling others in her writing group about our Summer Guest Reader Series. The first to respond was today’s featured poet, Wendy Singer, from Montreal. I enjoyed reading Wendy’s article and poem and know that you will too.

Here’s Wendy.






A storm of creativity, from Wendy Singer

When I was a child, one of the treasures on my overstuffed bookshelf was Stoo Hample’s The Silly Book. His nonsensical wordplay encouraged me to trust my creativity and run with it. I began playing with words; changing them up, turning them around, extending them, listening to them. Highly inspired by this book, I still recite its comical, quirky verses by heart to this day.

I hope to craft a thought provoking image, an enveloping atmosphere, an unusual idea, or a contagious rhythm or sound with each piece I write. If I encourage just one child to open her mind to her own infinite creativity, then I dare say I have achieved my goal.

I wrote ‘The Storm’ on a dreary, rainy day, after participating in an incredible creative writing workshop with Sheree Fitch. Sheree’s teachings inspired a creative tempest inside of me that continues to storm its way out to this day. I have been enjoying seeing my work in print in both R.E.A.L. – The Canadian Kids’ Magazine and Inspirations – a snapshot of the special needs community. I thank David for inviting me to be a Guest Reader on his tremendous blog. I’m beyond thrilled to be here. I also thank my friend and fellow poet Carol-Ann Hoyte for her immense kindness and dedication to children’s literature.

The Storm
by Wendy Singer

The wind from the west
Was storming with wet.
The rain zip-dropped down from the moon.

The weasel kept safe
From the grumbling sky
In the velvet-soft wing of a loon.

The whirly black fly
Did a circle-back flip
To the shelter of moth’s silk cocoon.

And wobbly flamingo,
Feet squishing in sand,
Dipped her feathered pink head in the dune.

The wind from the north
Shuffled in with brute force.
The storm climbed back up the moon.

A shimmer of sunbeam
Broke through dusty clouds
To make way for a fresh afternoon.

Out came flamingo,
The weasel and fly,
To smell the sweet flowers of June.

©Wendy Singer 2010

Wendy says, “The Storm” was written after a workshop with Sheree Fitch where I was inspired tremendously.” Way to go Sheree!