Update on smories from Ralph and Lisa

BULLETIN: Last night UPS brought my first copy of Mammoth Bones and Broken Stones. I think it looks great and this morning I can’t stop looking at it. A new book is always a time for joy. This one took five years from start to finish. Richard Hilliard has done a beautiful job of illustration and I’m grateful to all the archaeologists who provided photographs of their discovery sites.

I’m always impressed by the work of Ralph and Lisa with their smories program. Here is the latest update. I hope you are enjoying their success story and, hopefully, submitting something to the effort.

Hi David,
A quick update from smories.[1] We are delighted to say that smories is now on fire, with huge interest and traffic from across the globe. We even made it onto the front page of the New Yorker’s Arts & Culture page last week – see http://bit.ly/cZWAYY . Traffic from twitter and facebook has been superb – so thank you everyone for spreading the word!

[2] The shortlist for competition 3 is now viewable at http://www.smories.com/comp_03_shortlist/
These 50 smories (with writers from the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, St. Lucia, the Czech Republic, India & South Africa) go live on 01 July.

[3] We have had huge interest from non English-speaking countries and plans are afoot for multiple foreign language versions of the site later in the year.

[4] To all authors with filmed smories already on the site, by all means send us longer bios and photos. Individual author pages also go live on 01 July.

[5] Our “Smory a Day” launches on 01 Aug. A new story will hopefully be seen by thousands of viewers every day. Submissions for this are open and if you have a story gathering dust someplace, SEND IT TO US!!! . Better still, write one specially for smories!

[6] If you have submitted a smory since the beginning of this month, we will let you know whether your submission has been accepted very soon.

[7] More and more schools and libraries around the world are picking up the site – again, thank you to all the librarians, teachers and pupils who are spreading the word.

Keep writing, keep reading & keep watching!

Best wishes 🙂 🙂

– Ralph & Lisa
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From England


New poems are already pouring in. If you haven’t joined us before, May is always a good month to try something new!

Remember our friends Lisa and Ralph? I’ve kept you informed of their site on which young readers entertain and inform us by reading a variety of award-winning work. Lisa and Ralph just sent me the note below and I’m very impressed. I hope you will be too. Let us know what you think. Comments are always appreciated.

Hi David,

Just to let you know, the smories channel is now up and running.

Films of 50 narrated stories can be seen at : http://www.smories.com .

By all means give us your feedback, and if you like what you see, please spread the word…

Best wishes,

– Lisa & Ralph