Some YouTube adventures

Hi everyone,

The other day I spent some time attempting to track down a video of two fifth grade boys performing my poem about Brussels sprouts to a group of kindergartners. I never found it but while looking through YouTube videos I discovered a number of people young and old performing my work. I had a fine time! Here are a few samples.
This first poem, “I’d Rather Not,” came from SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK, published by Boyds Mills Press in 1993.

The picture book, WAKE UP, SUN!, was published in 1986 by Random House. It has sold more than 1.2 million copies and is in its 73rd printing.

THE BOOK OF GIANT STORIES was published in 1972 by McGraw Hill/American Heritage Press and won a Christopher Medal. It was later picked up by Boyds Mills Press and enjoyed an extended life. Total sales were just under 1 million copies.

A MONSTER IS COMING is another Random House book. It was published in 2011.

Here’s WAKE UP, SUN! again. I included it because the reader seems to be alternating English with Japanese.

This was another surprise. I don’t know who made this one but it’s the poem, “Cookie,” from PIRATES, published by Boyds Mills Press in 2008. The book was chosen by Missouri Center for the Book to represent Missouri that year at The National Book Fair in Washington D.C. It was an NCTE Notable Book of Poetry and chosen by VOYA for its Nonfiction Honor List, and was on some state reading lists.

This last one I chose is one of the four CLIFFORD books I adapted from television scripts for Scholastic. DOGS AND CATS was published in 2001.