Two things

Hi everyone,

The new issue of STORY MONSTER is out and I’m delighted to share that Raven Howell has written a great article about RUM PUM PUM. Here’s the link. The article starts on page 66.
Story Monsters Ink Dec 2020.pdf
Raven, many thanks for writing this article. Jane and I are both delighted, not to mention our editor, Grace Maccarone at Holiday House.

This afternoon at 5:15 EST, I’ll join Laura Robb at Corwin’s virtual book booth at the virtual NCTE convention to chat about our book, GUIDED PRACTICE FOR READING GROWTH. I’m looking forward to that! I’m told that ZOOM doesn’t want us to share the link with anyone who has not registered for the conference so I may not be able to furnish that information. To help draw a crowd, I suggested that our hosts serve free virtual cotton candy.