Differentiated Visual Tools (TM)

Hi everyone,

Some months ago I visited with educational consultant Vicki Ricketts about a major project she is working on with Edwin S. Ellis, a Research Partner at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning and Professor Emeritus at the University of Alabama. They have been hard at work developing what they call Differentiated Visual Tools for Strategic Instruction in Literature. This is a K-­12 discipline-­specific approach to systematically teaching content information while integrating instruction in key information processing strategies addressed by Common Core and Career Readiness Standards. Here’s their site. https://makessensestrategies.com/learn-more.

The 9-10 Literature series is complete and can be purchased at the website. They have customized the Differentiated Visual Tools for Texas and Virginia to fit their state standards and are receptive to customizing these tools for other state standards as well.

I agreed to provide some consultation about the poetry section and contribute a poem or two. Last week I met again with Vicki and borrowed the CD that contains the entire course. It’s quite an impressive and ambitious undertaking but I think they’re set to go. I’m glad to see some of my work involved and look forward to future opportunities to contribute. If you’d like to speak directly with Vicki about the course, here’s her contact information. vickiricketts114@gmail.com