Signing today at Sundog Books

Hi everyone,

My sweetie went out for a bottle of champagne and Jeff snapped a picture of me “signing” the new contract for the record, a nice way to end the day.

This morning at 11:00 CT I’m signing copies of THE DIRT BOOK and other titles in stock at the famous Sundog Books in Seaside, Florida. It’s a busy store with limited space inside so visiting authors sit outside on the porch. I’ve had sweet experiences there.

A good first outing for AFTER DARK

Hi everyone,

I had a nice time signing yesterday at Sundog Books in Seaside, Florida. They were out of the titles from the last time I was there but they had a fresh stock of AFTER DARK and it sold well. This was my first signing since it came out on February 25 and I was pleased with its reception.

The next three signings are set in Springfield: March 21 at Barnes & Noble, March 31 at The Library Center, and May 16 at Pagination Books. Open to booking a few others.

Meet me at Sundog

Hi everyone,

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Seaside, Florida today, I’m signing copies of AFTER DARK at Sundog Books from 10:00 for a couple of hours. The pictures were taken last year when I was there.The Farmers’ Market will be going on across the street from the book store so there’s always a steady stream of people moving back and forth. I love the store and always meet interesting folks from all over the country as I sit on the front porch, pen in hand.

Good signing

Hi everyone,

I had a good time yesterday at Sundog Books in Seaside, Florida and thank my hostesses there. Of the three titles they had copies on hand we sold out of two and made a respectable dent in the third. The rain held off although it looked stormy for a while. I met folks from Lebanon and St. Louis, Missouri and from Arkansas. Many were from Alabama, Texas, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Today calls for more wind and rain. Sizeable whitecaps are hitting the shore as I watch. I’m thinking of the small ships at sea in the days of Columbus and how many went to their doom in stormy weather. No telling how many wrecks decorate ocean floors with their grim fates.

Well, back in the wheel this morning. At the moment I’m wrestling with an eel.