KY3 interview on The Place

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I received a link to the interview with ALYSSA KELLY about THE DIRT BOOK and I WANT AN APPLE, HOW MY BODY WORKS. We did the piece before Christmas and I falsely told gave you the wrong date when it would be aired. Here is it for real.

The Place: Talking Dirt with David L Harrison SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Did you know there’s a whole other world beneath our feet? Local author, David Harrison shows us the 100th book he wrote called, The Dirt Book …

Lifestyle on KY3

Hi everyone,

Before Christmas I did a brief spot with ALYSSA KELLY, Lifestyle Reporter on KY3’s program called “The Place,” hosted by MELANIE STEEN and MICHAEL GIBSON. Turned out it was recorded for a later airing, and I’m now told the time to see it is this morning at 11:30 a.m. CST.

For anyone interested, you can view it on Springfield’s NBC affiliate. I’ll speak briefly about THE DIRT BOOK and I WANT AN APPLE, HOW MY BODY WORKS.

Didn’t make the cut

Hi everyone,

During the Cybils Award process, the first list of accepted nominations is cut down by committee action to a smaller number of finalists. In the poetry category, I think there were 40 or so on the first list and now there are seven finalists. THE DIRT BOOK didn’t make the cut but I had the fun and honor of having my chance. My thanks again to LINDA BAIE for giving me that chance. Onward and upward.

Made the Cybils list

Hi everyone,

I slept in today, a delicious and rare treat. After my second cup of coffee and the paper, I wandered into the office to check email and made a discovery that has made the last day of 2021 end on a high note! An old friend and colleague, LINDA BAIE, has been kind enough to nominate THE DIRT BOOK for the Cybils Award. It has been accepted and is now on the published list. Linda, you are so kind to do this. What a wonderful surprise. I’m glad my coffee cup wasn’t still full when I saw this news!

Here’s a link in case you’re curious.

Thank you, Carol Baldwin, for your lovely review

Hi everyone,

My thanks today go to CAROL BALDWIN for posting a review of THE DIRT BOOK on her blog. Here is the link to visit it and maybe get a chance for a free copy.