Happy Poetry Month

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the good wishes yesterday. Our event went well and I think the kids who came with parents and grandparents had a fine time. Some brought their own poems and others preferred to read poems from my book. Kathleen O’Dell was everywhere doing everything to make it all happen smoothly (including taking pictures and video) and Melinda Arnold came with two staff members and a volunteer from Dickerson Park Zoo to wow the audience with a milk snake, a corn snake, two screech owls, and a hawk. It was a beautiful way to spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in spring and I’m grateful to everyone who came to join the fun!

Here’s my display for National Poetry Month. It’s in a case in the entrance hallway at The Library Center. I hope you’ll stop to see it if you’re there this month.


Today’s 3:00 event

Hi everyone,
Wish me luck. This afternoon at 3:00 I’ll welcome the audience and begin the program. I’ll introduce the star of the show — my new poetry collection (NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T) by explaining the strange sequence of events that inspired the project.

I’m eager to see what happens next. Friends and staff from Springfield’s Dickerson Park Zoo will come with selected creatures that use natural camouflage. That’s sure to be a hit with everyone.

This will set the stage for kids in the audience to come up and help me read a few poems. I hope that some of the students will bring poems of their own, or pictures they’ve colored based on the theme.

Please come out to join us if you can. It should be a good afternoon. It’s free and The Library Center on South Campbell is roomy and accommodating. The new book and a few others of mine will be available to purchase and I’ll be happy to sign. And my new poetry display is now up directly across the hall from the auditorium.

Hey! Look at this!

Hi everyone,


If you’re somewhere near and can join the fun, the address is 4653 S. Campbell Ave. Springfield, MO 65810. Phone:(417) 882-0714. The program is free and open to the public. We’ll start at 3:00 and finish by 4:30. Barnes & Noble will be there to sell copies of NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T plus a few other titles and naturally I’ll be happy to sign them.

We’ve divided the program into three parts. I’ll take the first thirty minutes to introduce the new book and read from it. During the next third, folks from Dickerson Park Zoo will display some of the animals that appear in the book and talk about natural camouflage. Kids will take us out on a high note by reading their own poems or some of mine, and young brothers and sisters can color pictures that will be put on display for a week after the event.