LET’S GO, TRUCKS! Still out there working

Hi everyone,

LET’S GO TRUCKS came out in 1973. Bill Dugan illustrated it. I just now looked Bill up. He lives in Tucson, Arizona. I passed through Tucson a couple of years ago. Wish I’d known where Bill lived then.

A few days ago I received a note from the director of a literacy council asking for help in locating a new or newish copy of LET’S GO, TRUCKS! for their collection. It was the favorite book of a little boy who recently died of cancer.

Then yesterday I heard from Paul Kastle in Riverside, California with a note that really made my day and a picture of his 3-year-old son Marshall. With Paul’s permission, here is his note.
“I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for my favorite book as a boy, which is now one of my three year old son’s favorites as well. With your many accomplishments I’m not sure how much credit this book gets, but it really is a great (and timeless) piece of work. As a car guy, and now a technical writer, I appreciate what you did there. Whenever I or my parents see a tow truck being towed, we cheerfully say “Towtrucks tow towtrucks.” We also tend to mention “crafty criminals and crooks” whenever we see an armored truck.”

I’m so grateful when readers take time to send notes like this one, particularly when the book is 46 years old. My thanks to Paul and his parents, and of course to young Marshall who is keeping the tradition going!


P.S. There is more to the story. Last night I heard from Nancy Kastle, Paul’s mother, retired now from her career in school and county libraries, where she often planned weekly children’s programs. She said, “I’ve seen how reading to children inspires their imagination and emotional growth. Very little is more important. They become readers, better students and good parents.”

Thank you, Nancy. Your good parenting to Paul is now being passed down to Paul’s children. Families like yours make wonderful role models for others to follow.