Three guys on a bench

Hi everyone,

Have I posted this picture before? One of my favorites. We were on a family trip. While others shopped, my grandsons, KRIS WILLIAMS and TYLYER WILLIAMS (as you look at the picture, Kris is on the right) waited on a bench outside. The way we were seated brought to mind the old Japanese pictorial maxim: See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.

It seems to me that the advice is needed today more than ever.

Kris is now 32, Tyler, 28, two fine young men I’m proud to claim as my grandsons. ROBIN and TIM WILLIAMS, you have done well! Here’s Kris.

And here’s Tyler.

The smile here could be because that’s Josie beside him. They do that a lot.

JEFF HARRISON, as I so frequently do, thank you for the pictures!