Knowing what’s coming

Hi everyone,

We’re supposed to get 5.5 inches of rain over the next few days. I’m afraid that Mother Goose is in jeopardy. Her nest is only three or four inches above normal lake level and there’s a good chance that her eggs will be under water before the storm passes. Same thing happened two years ago. Nothing can be done about it. Losing eggs to nature and predators is a common occurrence. And goodness knows we have plenty of geese around here already. Still, it’s hard to watch without feeling sorry for the goose sitting on her rocky nest in driving rain, all for a lost cause.

Proof I got there

Hi everyone,
Home again for now. The research trip to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument went very well. Had fun with Sandy, Robin, and Jeff in Phoenix and visited my sidewalk at the Burton Barr Main Library.

I’m going to remain out of the loop for some time still but wanted to say hello while I have a chance. Lots of pictures later on.


The short version

Hi everyone,

Glorious day. Slept late. Nothing to do. Nothing I want to do. Something will come up and my job is to wait for it. More later.

He is such a showoff

Hi everyone,

Jeff took this while he was here. My pictures are never this good.
img_20161226_120106861 Why does he keep doing this? He’s too old to send to his room. Robin, he’s YOUR brother. What do YOU suggest?

On another front, my thanks to all for your clever name suggestions yesterday for my new wagon. I’m mulling them over as we speak and will proudly announce my choice soon. After all, something as important as naming a wagon should not be rushed!

The Word of the Month word is . . .

Hi everyone,

Happy first day of the last month of a whizbang, humdinger year. Let’s go with SHOP for December’s word challenge. It can be used as a verb or noun, within the context of the season or for any other purpose your creative imaginations can conjure up. (Pssst, the picture is supposed to be subliminal.)
Congratulations to all who contributed November poems inspired by “soul,” including Jean Polland, Joyce Joslin Lorenson, Beverly Ann McCall, Jane Yolen, Karen Eastlund, Linda Boyden, Cheryl Harness, Mary Nida Smith, Donna Welch Earnhardt, Robin Williams, Cory Corrado, Bryn Strudwick, Jane Heitman Healy, Janet Kay Gallagher, and Linda Baie. If I’ve overlooked anyone, please let me know.

I would love to see all of this month’s poets back plus a good many more. If you’ve been holding off all year, you’re about out of year, baby!