Nice news about The Missouri Reader poetry issue

Hi everyone,

In a chat with Sam Bommarito yesterday (Dr. Sam is co-editor with Glenda Nugent of Missouri Reader and incoming president of Missouri ILA), I learned that “the poetry issue is the official all-time record holder, most readers of a journal we’ve ever published. I’m continuing to promote it. When I write folks about MR I always give them a link to that issue as the example of MR at it’s best.”

He’s talking about the Winter 2019 issue: POETRY: A PATH TO LITERACY (Volume 42/Issue 2) dedicated in large part to discussing children’s poetry and presenting research that supports the uses of poetry in the classroom. I was privileged to write the lead article but there are a number of excellent pieces contributed by authorities such as Mary Jo Fresch and Timothy Rasinski. Here’s the link.

Ozark Family Voices

Hi everyone,

Ozark Family Voices stopped meeting as an organization some time ago but we maintain a FB spot to remind families to read to their young children as often as possible, especially from birth through five. Here’s the address. I hope you will drop by once in a while and leave your own comments. So far I’m the only one posting thoughts and I’m beginning to feel like a voice in the woods. Thanks so much.

Found my way

Hi everyone,

After two futile days of floundering around I found the voice I wanted yesterday. Now I have one good poem and know where to find more. It took a villanelle, of all things, to lead me there.

I’m eager to see what today brings. I think it’s going to be good.

Sandy knows best

Hi everyone,

So glad we bought a fire pit this year. Sandy had wanted one for years. Now I see why. And she looks totally at home beside it.

One of my favorite things

Hi everyone,

First, thanks to everyone for the good wishes about our condo as Michael moved onto land yesterday. Preliminary reports are encouraging so our area was spared the worst. Our hearts go out to the communities a few miles to the east of us who suffered so much destruction.

As for today, I get to participate once again in the Children’s Literature Festival of the Ozarks, which is held annually on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield. More than a dozen authors and artists will meet with groups of students in grades 4-8 to talk about what we do, offer tips, and answer questions. I’ve participated in this event each year since it began thirty-eight years ago and always look forward to it. I’m grateful to the hard working committee of wonderful women who make this happen every year.