Waiting on the word

Hi everyone,

I hope to post the Word of the Month word for December later this morning. I forgot to remind our host for the month until late last night so the delay is my fault. Sorry.

Thank you for the insightful poems inspired by GRIEF. Thanks again to KEN SLESARIK for providing our word for November.

After all these years

Hi everyone,

Not long ago an author and fan of the French artist PHILIPPE FIX, contacted me to see if I could help him get in touch. He was hoping to purchase a piece of Fix’s art. I told him I’d tried a few times over the years since THE BOOK OF GIANT STORIES was published in 1972 but had never received a reply.

I was delighted to hear, a few weeks later, that the author had not only reached Fix but received a response. Encouraged by that, I tried one more time, this time translating a brief note into French. And this time it worked.

Philippe is my age, 85, and no longer creates books the way he has for so many years. But he remains active with his business matters and prefers to keep his work in Europe. I loved the long overdue exchange between two old men, fifty years after our Christopher Award book first came into print.

A short time out for business

Hi everyone,

I’m getting dressed to make a quick run to Springfield for a few hours. At noon I have a Zoom date with TIM RASINSKI and an editor. We’re pitching a new book and I trust my internet connections better at home than here. We’re only forty-five miles away. We’ll make another trip or two this week to meet other commitments but otherwise continue to enjoy the Ozarks and taking in more of the Branson shows.

High School Reunion

Hi everyone,

It has been sixty-seven years since I graduated from Springfield Central High School in a class of 620 or so students. Today is a day to see who made it back this year. There will be many memories to bring back and nod over. Here I go. SANDY, the good sport always, will be with me. We’ll sit with our old pals, LARRY and MARYANN WAKEFIELD.

Not going to do it

He everyone,

I’m not supposed to work on weekends so of course I won’t. I even slept in this morning to prove it. But if — and this is strictly just pretending — if I were to sneak write a little tiny bit — and I’m not saying I’m going to or even want to — it might be to add more slides to my PowerPoint talk coming up eighteen days from now. I want that event to go well and I have a lot I want to say. But its the weekend so of course I will not sneak write. Nope. Not going to do it.