Checking them off

Hi everyone,

Finish the desert story (3rd telling): check
Send the story to my agent, Karen Grencik: check
Deal with a rejection: check
Review and tweak galleys for a 2019 release: check
Start word of the month poem: check

So far so good. Let’s do it today!


A glimpse inside David Harrison Elementary School

Hi everyone,

When son Jeff Harrison was home, he went with me to David Harrison Elementary School when I was interviewed there for a Facebook show called Mom Monday.

We were located in the library, which is located straight ahead when you walk in the front door. I love it! Emily Wood (KY3) met me there to tape for an accompanying newscast the same day.

Jeff takes more and far better pictures than I do so I was doubly happy to have him along.

I read for a while to a group of 4th graders and realized that I’ve seen many of them every year since they started at Harrison as kindergartners. I’ve never missed going to the school at least once per year. Harrison goes to grade four so these students are graduating this spring.

The $10 million school is built on seventy acres. I didn’t go into classrooms this trip but I love the times when I have a chance to step into each room for a brief visit and say something to the teachers and kids.
It’s hard to imagine that David Harrison Elementary School will soon be celebrating its 10th anniversary! You better believe I plan to be there for that one!

Celebrating Poetry Month

    Hi everyone,

    Taken at spring 2018 photo day. February 6-7, 2018. Kevin White/Missouri State University

    This morning Missouri State University poet and English professor Marcus Cafagna and I will appear on KSMU Radio, broadcast from the MSU campus. The program, which starts at 10:00, is Arts News with host Randy Stewart. I’m not sure when we’ll be on but I think it’s fairly close to the top of the show.

    KSMU (91.1 FM) is a listener supported radio station broadcasting a Public Radio format. During our ten minute segment, Marcus and I will discuss briefly why poetry is important and we’ll each read one or two of our poems. If you’d like to tune in, I hope you will.

    Marcus and I did a similar though longer show on KSMU a few years ago and I look forward to being with him again. He is coordinator of MSU’s creative writing program and both writes and researches poetry.