Celebrating Poetry Month

    Hi everyone,

    Taken at spring 2018 photo day. February 6-7, 2018. Kevin White/Missouri State University

    This morning Missouri State University poet and English professor Marcus Cafagna and I will appear on KSMU Radio, broadcast from the MSU campus. The program, which starts at 10:00, is Arts News with host Randy Stewart. I’m not sure when we’ll be on but I think it’s fairly close to the top of the show.

    KSMU (91.1 FM) is a listener supported radio station broadcasting a Public Radio format. During our ten minute segment, Marcus and I will discuss briefly why poetry is important and we’ll each read one or two of our poems. If you’d like to tune in, I hope you will.

    Marcus and I did a similar though longer show on KSMU a few years ago and I look forward to being with him again. He is coordinator of MSU’s creative writing program and both writes and researches poetry.


More of nature’s beauties

Hi everyone,

We’ve never had this many orchid blossoms at once. Just have to show them off.

My Very First Post

If you don’t already know Sam Bommarito, here’s a chance to get acquainted. He has quite a story to tell and what he has to say is important. I’ll follow his blog and recommend him to you.


Seeking Ways to Grow Proficient, Motivated, Lifelong Readers & Writers

My very first post.

Where to begin. Let’s start by telling you a bit about myself. My LinkedIn summary says this:

During his 44 year career in education Dr. Bommarito taught every grade K through graduate school. The majority of his teaching time was in Title 1 buildings both as a reading specialist and staff developer. Dr Bommarito took part in a 4-year program where the Jennings school district trained its teachers in Reading and Writing Workshop. Trainers were cadre and former cadre of Teachers College, and included Isoke Nia and Katie Wood Ray. Dr. Bommarito retired from full time teaching in 2015 but continues to be active in the literacy world. He is Co-Editor of the Missouri Reader, serves on various International Literacy Association boards/committees, does volunteer work in literacy and continues to do presentations and write articles about…

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Another day in the life of

Hi everyone,

Today I hope to finish the revisions on chapter twenty-four on the desert story. Twelve more to go. I’m about on schedule for completing two per day. I’m changing the narrative from third person to first person and liking it better this way. Along the way I’m nipping here, tucking there and discovering a few problems that have somehow managed to hide in plain sight all this time.

Yesterday Publishers Weekly posted a very good review of CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS. I’m getting eager to see that one released but must wait until March 20 for the official date.