Word of the month poetry challenge

Hi everyone,

Thinking about all those cats in Greece makes me want to go with CAT for the October word of the month word. Work for you? Let’s see what you come up with.



Muses seeking summer jobs

Hi everyone,

It’s time again to choose a word of the month. During summer doldrums, muse unemployment skyrockets. In order to focus public attention on their sad plight, I’ve chosen the word of the month for July to be MUSE.

I only hope it isn’t too late to save them from wrinkling away on the Old Muse Home front porch, rocking and reminiscing about the good old days when they hooked up with productive writers to produce wonderful literature for children around the world!

Putting an end to the week

Hi everyone,

It has been the good week. In addition to the old proposal I discovered in the files and sent out, I’ve spend my days writing new poems to expand another old idea I came across. I’ll keep pecking away at that one today and all of next week. By then I hope to have this one ready to send out.

This afternoon a tree service starts taking out the hackberry that fell into the lake as well as the remaining part still upright. It will take three or four days and will eventually leave an enormous empty space at the corner of the yard. So sad to see the tree go.