Putting an end to the week

Hi everyone,

It has been the good week. In addition to the old proposal I discovered in the files and sent out, I’ve spend my days writing new poems to expand another old idea I came across. I’ll keep pecking away at that one today and all of next week. By then I hope to have this one ready to send out.

This afternoon a tree service starts taking out the hackberry that fell into the lake as well as the remaining part still upright. It will take three or four days and will eventually leave an enormous empty space at the corner of the yard. So sad to see the tree go.

Reporting the theft of three days

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it’s Thursday! What happened to the other days? I’ve only been in my car twice this week so I’ve been here keeping an eye on the calendar and STILL Monday-Wednesday somehow disappeared. I don’t know where to report this. The folks at 911 might think me daft for reporting the theft of time. If you have other ideas, let me know. Meanwhile, I’m going to keep a closer eye on the rest of this week.

Do you have fireflies yet where you live? Ours are entertaining us now, taking me back to times when we put them in jars and smeared a few on our ring fingers. Now I just sit and enjoy. They are one of nature’s gifts on slow, late spring evenings. Old people have it made. We know when we have to exert ourselves, and when it’s better to pour something soothing and love being entertained ringside.

Tired of sharing

Hi everyone,

I think I’m a tolerant man but the toads this year are testing me. Night before last I heard a toad singing somewhere on the patio but couldn’t find it. Yesterday I was in the pool and checked the drain trap to see if it needed emptied. When I lifted the lid, there was my little culprit, clinging to the rim of the strainer.

I lifted him out and set him on the edge of the deck. He looked at me for a few minutes and then made his getaway around a flower pot and off toward the yard. Something tells me he’ll be back.

Switching gears

Hi everyone,

Starting Monday I’m switching from a middle grade novel, which is now finished until an editor tells me otherwise, to a book of short poems for preschool kids. I need the change and look forward to the new challenge. Next week Laura Robb will be in town to do a conference and we plan to have dinner while she’s here. We’ve been saying for years that one of these days we need to write a book together. Who knows? Maybe this trip will produce the right spark at last.

In the meantime I’m loving the season and I finally got the toads out of the pool so I could get in. Around here that makes spring official.

Happy weekend!

Hi everyone,

I had a good visit with Bill Anderson yesterday when he was passing through town to a board meeting in Mansfield for the Laura Ingalls Wilder Foundation. He has been involved for years with them and has, of course, written wonderful books about Wilder. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Anderson_(American_writer).

Hope you have a good weekend in store. I’ll be out of pocket from Sunday through Wednesday but hope to show you a picture or two come Thursday.

And congratulations to Mary Nida Smith! On April 26, University of Arizona NROTC Awards Presented: The Freddie Warder Naval Submarine League (NSL) Outstanding Achievement Certificate and a copy of Mary Nida’s book, HEROES BENEATH THE WAVES, to Midshipman Zachary J. Rossi, USNR. Way to go, Mary Nida!